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  1. It's pretty good, we all having a good time. They got us in flagging class the next 2 weeks. Hopefully the change over happens soon cause I picked Capital Days and I'm ready to make the $$$
  2. To the guys that started class today, just wanted to know a couple of things. 1. How many people in the class. 2. Locations of OJT 3. Have they talked to you about what jobs you'll be able to pick. Wondering where things are in terms of where people will be able to pick since the main pick is now over.
  3. Yeah its gonna be extended 100%, they haven't even announced a new test so it's gonna go past its experitation date. I think another 2 to 3 years.
  4. Bosco is a mad chill superintendent, he's a heavy set white guy with a bald spot up top and he wears glasses. Just listen to what he says and do what he says and you'll be ight.
  5. It's possible you can get offered a cleaner position if they know they won't get to you for Track. There's no guarantee though.
  6. Nah, the U was on all the passes prior to them agreeing to give you the LIRR or MNRR options on your pass. In my opinion the U looks better and shows you have some seniority lol.
  7. U stands for Universal not Undecided lol.
  8. If you're already a B/O if you don't mind me asking how your personal record is, because they do review it.
  9. Nah no clue, just overheard the MSII leading the training mention that, may have to do with them trying to implement the pick.
  10. Overheard that the August 2nd class was supposed to be 30 but, it got pushed down to 11, and the next class after that one got postponed.
  11. Lately it's been on average about 2 to 3 weeks, could be sooner, could be later.
  12. Dope, how many guys were there today for Track processing if you know.
  13. As of right now for the last 3 classes, 3pm to 11pm.
  14. When they send you the email for medical/final processing, a PDF document with the date of the class you're being considered for will be included.
  15. Could be a week, could be two. Depending on how many slots are available for the class.
  16. No news is good news, just keep on eye on the forums and see if people post about getting called to go downtown for their drug tests.
  17. Try calling and finding out why they didn't go with you. They probably won't honestly even tell you why, because that's just how this agency unfortunately operates.
  18. Hey, is there anyway you or someone else that's in your class can PM me with your pick choices. Myself and a friend of mine in the first class are just curious what your mini pick looked like, if not it's fine, thanks.
  19. That's my best guess from how things usually go. I can't gurantee you anything because there's factors out there out of my knowledge like class sizes, how many people fail or turn down the job. I mean I'm 29x and I made it into the 3rd class.
  20. You should be good, they're only up to the 300s for Medicals so they got someway to go until they hit you. I'd say by mid to late August you'll go in for a drug test, maybe even early September.
  21. Yes, as long as you took the BOSS within a year and filled out the OA Application.
  22. They probably filled up the class with Ops for MTA bus and are waiting for approval to hire new ones. Just keep emailing them and you should be good to go as long as your persistent.
  23. It's fine that you sent in two, the staff analyst will email you only if they have any questions or errors you need to correct. If everything is in order the next email you'll receive is a drug test.
  24. Don't worry about that part until they call you downtown to finish the paperwork.

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