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  1. You'll find a free spot with no meters right infront of Zerega or down that wide block with cars parked at an angle from both sides.
  2. Nah don't stress about parking. You'll find a spot easy cause the school bus companies are still closed.
  3. Day 0 will now be on Sundays, training superintendents will be working Sunday - Thursday with Friday/Saturday off. That means that training will more then likely be held on Sundays for day 6. Keep your head on a swivel, when I first started it was hard and scary to adjust. There should be a class starting on the 16th made up of all OA, the next TA class should be sometime in September. If anyone has any questions about training that's been going on in the recent months can PM me, I don't know much but, I can help.
  4. Last I heard 2nd or 3rd week of August
  5. Maybe tell them you might be leaving? Haha, I did that with my old job, gave them a nice 30 day notice, used up my vacation time and all and then quit on the 7th day I qualified officially. Transit will make you fill out a Dual Enployment form on Day 0 to which they deny by default lol.
  6. It's more so they don't have enough operators to cover the shuttle, let alone regular weekday service. They also have special B68's that start at Church and McDonald and go down to Coney Island Ave via regular route.
  7. Probably review your paperwork followed by a drug test. Right now Zerega is clearing up the backlog of students they put on pause due to COVID and it looks like they'll be done with the backlog by the last week of July. Good news is that means they should be starting up a class as soon as the backlog is cleared.
  8. Don't expect them to hire off this list, slowly but surely they are phasing this title out it seems.
  9. https://hcm.mymta.info/psc/HCPRD/SELFSERVICE/HXMS/c/B_CUSTOM_MENU.HRS_APP_SCHJOB.GBL?FOCUS=Applicant&FolderPath=PORTAL_ROOT_OBJECT.B_HRS_CE_EXAMS&IsFolder=false&IgnoreParamTempl=FolderPath%2cIsFolder&&
  10. Do you know what the current count is for Track Workers, meaning how many people are on the roster.
  11. I heard they sent 20 guys downtown today to get promoted, idk if off this exam.
  12. One of my co-workers did. Transit is getting ready to hire like crazy. Get everything in order and be prepared to be called down sometime soon. Everyday there's tons of open work, mass retirements, right now they requested 5000 names from DCAS to fill 600 vacancies, and that doesn't include OA and MTA BUS.
  13. Incase anyone is wondering NYCT has requested 5000 names to fill 600 vacancies from exams 4600,7612, and 9604. https://data.cityofnewyork.us/City-Government/Bus-Operator-Conductor-Track-Worker-Certifications/pjqi-8psc/data And a new exam has been announced for MaBSTOA Bus Operator. Looks like it's about to be a hiring frenzy soon.
  14. Hiring Freeze just means that any hiring that has to happen must be approved by a slew of directors, they still have multiple positions that they are hiring for.
  15. I know ya'll are short T/O's right now, what about C/R's?
  16. 180 Livingston has been closed since March and should reopen this upcoming Monday. You technically can't get a permit till we're in Phase 3, to which if everything goes on time we should be in by July 6.
  17. I heard Zerega may open on the 22nd, not too sure if that July 6 date pushes that back or what.
  18. They're not going to have much of a choice when retirements skyrocket and you need crews. Right now from what I heard T/O's are in dire need, not too sure about C/R's. They can't even hire new B/O's unless they have license because permits won't be obtainable till phase 3. All I know is that 180 is set to open when we hit phase 2, after that they should be hiring slowly for service delivery positions.
  19. Hopefully sooner or later, 180 is scheduled to re-open by phase 2. RTO is in dire need of bodies right now, MoW I'm not too sure. I'm currently a Bus Operator and staying in my position until I get called for Track then I'm jumping ship. Hopefully we start to see the ball rolling around Julyish for us.
  20. Yeah man all of that, Which depot you ended up in?
  21. They're redoing our drug tests and medical. Was told we'll be back to work once the DMV reopens.
  22. I'm OA and one of my classmates got told to come in on Tuesday so, it looks like they're splitting us up for whatever reason to do whatever. Gotta wait till Monday and see what's going on.
  23. What? I got my CDL and they told me to come in on Monday.
  24. We out till at least Mid May, honestly I think when the DMV reopens we're back at it.
  25. Then I probably saw you without you even knowing it lmfao.. They told us everything has been put on hold. There was supposed to be a class going in on the 30th but, it was postponed until further notice.
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