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  1. 3 hours ago, Jj21 said:

    I got the email for the pre employment process but need to reschedule my appointment cause I’m away right now. I’ve tried calling the employment number but it just rings. Is there any other way to get into contact with somebody?

    You in the 4700s and you got an email for pre employment? Does it have a date for you or is it just a canvass.

  2. 1 hour ago, exj16 said:

    Hey everyone, my friend just got an email from Transit (I wish there was a way  share the screen shot )  stating the list is set to expire 2/14/22 and are instead offering transit cleaner positions with starting pay 17.32 an hour with increasing increments to 23.10 after 36 months on the job with the usual  benefits. It seems like they are not going to extend the list as most have thought 

    That's wild cause they haven't even announced a new test or anything, what's your friends list number range?

  3. 11 hours ago, dman1455 said:

    To the guys that started class today, just wanted to know a couple of things. 

    1. How many people in the class.

    2. Locations of OJT

    3. Have they talked to you about what jobs you'll be able to pick.

    Wondering where things are in terms of where people will be able to pick since the main pick is now over.

    It's pretty good, we all having a good time. They got us in flagging class the next 2 weeks. Hopefully the change over happens soon cause I picked Capital Days and I'm ready to make the $$$

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  4. To the guys that started class today, just wanted to know a couple of things. 

    1. How many people in the class.

    2. Locations of OJT

    3. Have they talked to you about what jobs you'll be able to pick.

    Wondering where things are in terms of where people will be able to pick since the main pick is now over.

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  5. 20 minutes ago, Krystal said:

    Does anyone know what number they are up to in the mta 6601 train conductor test? Does anyone know if the exam 6601 train conductor test is going to be extended into 2022?

    Yeah its gonna be extended 100%, they haven't even announced a new test so it's gonna go past its experitation date. I think another 2 to 3 years.

  6. 2 hours ago, train1290 said:

    Hi guys, so I just came back from Zerega a little while ago. Mostly paperwork and instructions. So, I got Fresh Pond Depot, which lucky for me thats 10 mins away from my house and first they told me to see superintendant King. But then they said to report to superintendant Bosco. Anybody every have this superintendant?

    Bosco is a mad chill superintendent, he's a heavy set white guy with a bald spot up top and he wears glasses. Just listen to what he says and do what he says and you'll be ight. 

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  7. 15 minutes ago, Billy1226 said:

    My number is in the 2000, if they stop calling for track workers can I be called in for a different position or will I have to register for a new postion? My friend took the conductor test and got called for cleaner but she was in the 500's

    It's possible you can get offered a cleaner position if they know they won't get to you for Track. There's no guarantee though.

  8. 57 minutes ago, Schecter said:

    U stands for undecided that you didn't pick either or, what I would do is try to make an appointment at 180 Livingston pass unit to change it or ask your school car tss and see what they tell you. Or even call Ms Vargas or Ms Ohla and see what they say. I never had that problem when I first started so I can't really speak from experience.

    U stands for Universal not Undecided lol.

  9. 2 hours ago, Chuckk said:

    Got any idea why was that? Did they split it or most of the other candidates got into a situation or something too postpone their start date ?

    Nah no clue, just overheard the MSII leading the training mention that, may have to do with them trying to implement the pick.

  10. 2 hours ago, Don6755 said:

    When I go in for my final processing will the date for the next training class be given to me that same day or will I have to wait to hear back in an email for a date 

    When they send you the email for medical/final processing, a PDF document with the date of the class you're being considered for will be included.

  11. 44 minutes ago, robbiesteves said:

    Took the drug test and filled out a few pieces of paper they wanted this past Wednesday. What was the time frame between the drug test and when you were contacted again? Im just trying to get an idea of whats going to happen next


    27 minutes ago, Don6755 said:

    I took the drug test last week, approximately how long till I hear back for the final processing?

    And just wanted to know the training is done during the day ? 

    Could be a week, could be two. Depending on how many slots are available for the class.

  12. 17 minutes ago, Rj617 said:

    Will the MTA contact you to inform you if they won't offer a drug test for whatever or do we assume that no news is good news?

    No news is good news, just keep on eye on the forums and see if people post about getting called to go downtown for their drug tests.

  13. 5 minutes ago, Yruluis said:

    Sorry to come out of nowhere but I'm just curious as to what you guys would recommend as to my situation. 


    So I passed the test and got to go down to Livingston and fill out paper work. At the time I only had my permit.  Eventually I got a letter saying that they weren't going to go further with my application. I started another job and I coworker recommended I call I supervisor he knew and ask what happeneded in my situation. I lost my phone before I got a chance to call and the coworker has since left.

    I have tried to apply and do the exam again. Should I have applied for a new exam? Did I lose my spot from the first list number I got. This is so confusing. I'm currently driving for AAR and heard that it helps when trying to get a job with Transit. Thanks. 

    Try calling and finding out why they didn't go with you. They probably won't honestly even tell you why, because that's just how this agency unfortunately operates.

  14. 18 hours ago, premoCASINO718 said:

    Everything is going pretty smooth. Im a part of a group that is in AY yard (Canarsie) for the 4 weeks. They have us working hard throughout the day, cutting ties and using different power tools, explaining different types of rails and tools etc. Not bad at all.

    Hey, is there anyway you or someone else that's in your class can PM me with your pick choices. Myself and a friend of mine in the first class are just curious what your mini pick looked like, if not it's fine, thanks.

  15. 18 minutes ago, JayC said:


    Oh, ok. I'm in the 700's and had until today to send in my pre-employment. it should be awhile before I go in for a drug test and other work then.  Likely August/September as you said?

    That's my best guess from how things usually go. I can't gurantee you anything because there's factors out there out of my knowledge like class sizes, how many people fail or turn down the job. I mean I'm 29x and I made it into the 3rd class.

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  16. 1 hour ago, JayC said:

    Does anyone know approximately how long after you send in the pre-employment forms from the canvassing letter will you go in for the drug test and other paperwork? I have a 2 week vacation in the beginning of August and I'm wondering if it would be before or after that? I'd be back by Aug. 13 and my pre-employment forms were due June 23, which I already sent in. Any info helps. Thanks all

    You should be good, they're only up to the 300s for Medicals so they got someway to go until they hit you. I'd say by mid to late August you'll go in for a drug test, maybe even early September.

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