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  1. 1 hour ago, LEO1990 said:

    Even with a hiring freeze in effect, is there a chance they'd be able to slip in a small class of 65 or fill those 65 vacancies over the next few weeks? Or does that mean absolutely 0 hirings at all?

    Hiring Freeze just means that any hiring that has to happen must be approved by a slew of directors, they still have multiple positions that they are hiring for.

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  2. 10 minutes ago, mediccjh said:

    My condolences, @beanz.


    If the student messes up (hits a signal, overrun), it is not on the trainer. Trust me on this one. Schoolcar is not always a safety net; depending on the number of infractions and what they are, the probie can get terminated. 

    I know people aren't perfect. Just do your job to the best of your ability, and don't lie if something happens. Managers will come down harder on you if you lie; down here, the cover-up is worse than the crime.



    As for everyone else:



    I was on the list from the 2009 test. I didn't get hired until 2012 because of the hiring freeze, and that's even with my list number being 56.

    There is going to be (another) wave of mass retirements once The Plague settles down; it is starting to happen now.

    Sit back and wait. It will come to you. Trust me (and @RTOMan will back me up on this one).

    I know ya'll are short T/O's right now, what about C/R's?

  3. 14 minutes ago, Moody said:




    Jun 1

    Commercial Driver License (CDL) road tests will begin to resume in all regions that are in at least phase 1 of reopening. As regions enter phase 3 of reopening, DMV will resume road tests for all drivers. Safety precautions will be required.


    NYS DMV cdl road tests to resume.  Even though that was june 1st and we will probably go into phase 2 this monday, the ball is in mta's court. I tried calling 180 livingston to ask when they will resume tranining, I didn't get an answer. I tried emailing someone they didn't respond.


    I think they are waiting for staff and setting up 6 feet and plexi glass things at the offices at like 180 livingston. So lets keep our fingers crossed. All offices have a certain amount of capacitiy. So I think we will be getting go aheads soon. Probably have to take another drug test and do some medical again. 

    180 Livingston has been closed since March and should reopen this upcoming Monday. You technically can't get a permit till we're in Phase 3, to which if everything goes on time we should be in by July 6.

  4. 50 minutes ago, +Young+ said:

    Although I like your post, as per the attached picture, I thought there was a "hiring freeze" in effect? Any updates?


    They're not going to have much of a choice when retirements skyrocket and you need crews. Right now from what I heard T/O's are in dire need, not too sure about C/R's. They can't even hire new B/O's unless they have license because permits won't be obtainable till phase 3. All I know is that 180 is set to open when we hit phase 2, after that they should be hiring slowly for service delivery positions.

  5. 21 hours ago, Rj617 said:

    Anyone have any thoughts on how long until the list begins to move or is it on hold indefinitely for the remainder of year?. Hope everyone is safe.

    Hopefully sooner or later, 180 is scheduled to re-open by phase 2.  RTO is in dire need of bodies right now, MoW I'm not too sure. I'm currently a Bus Operator and staying in my position until I get called for Track then I'm jumping ship. Hopefully we start to see the ball rolling around Julyish for us.

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  6. 31 minutes ago, trigger said:

    Just to let some of you know. Due to the pandemic in our city class 3:16:2020 and other classes before us that didn't get to continue have been given option to continue as Bus Cleaners or to stay home. I personally choose to help disinfect and clean buses because I am TA and I took an oath to defend our country and state all enemies foreign and domestic and corona virus is definitely considered an enemy. Ill let you guys know when class 3:16:2020 continues with bus operator training. 



    Yeah man all of that, Which depot you ended up in?

  7. 1 minute ago, trigger said:

    i guess, I did not get a call yet. I have Cdl as well.


    Just now, trigger said:

    Are You TA OR MABSTOA?


    I'm OA and one of my classmates got told to come in on Tuesday so, it looks like they're splitting us up for whatever reason to do whatever. Gotta wait till Monday and see what's going on.

  8. 4 hours ago, trigger said:

    Are they doing the March 30th

     class?  I am in March 16th class as well.

    Then I probably saw you without you even knowing it lmfao..

    They told us everything has been put on hold. There was supposed to be a class going in on the 30th but, it was postponed until further notice.

  9. 10 hours ago, Flatbush SBS Duece said:

    Are there any class in session at the moment, if so what day are you guys on and when did the class start?.... Trying to see if that current class will be the last class temporary since the dept of buses is on emergency slow down due to the virus epidemic. 

    I'm in the March 16th class, and as far as my buddy told me he made it into the March 30th class. After that I don't know.

  10. Right but they haven't had a class go in since mid 2018. Between mid 2018 and now they haven't replaced anyone that quit/retired/fired/promoted etc, what I'm getting at is what happens to gangs when they go down in manpower and their slots haven't been replaced. 

  11. 4 minutes ago, americanpit13 said:

    good luck everyone, iam a trackworker here and my advice to you guys and everyone else after they are hired  is to take the promotional exams for ms1 (maintenance supervisor level 1) and promotional exam for pdm (power distribuition maintaner sometimes call 3rd rail maintaner) . Do these as soon as possible and keep taking them when they come out until you get them. i waited 18 years to take the ms1 exam just to see what i would score. i got promoted then after 3 months gave back the title because after 20 years of seniorty my job was too sweet and i was too spoiled to start over. had i taken it sooner i would of kept the job. Happy to answer any questions if i can. I came on here to see if they were calling off this list yet.

    Question, I spoke to a Track Worker who was getting promoted to Ms1 a few days ago and he told me his seniority went down 400. I'm assuming they've closed the cleaning gangs that were created with Subway Action Plan. If you have 400 less workers down there right now, what's going on with the gangs in terms of staffing.

  12. 1 minute ago, trigger said:

    Good news for me, I got thru the final process.  Going to March 16th 2020 class.  I did not realize they swear you in, felt like when I joined the navy. Very similar.  

    List ^^^15**

    Good stuff, I go for medical tomorrow also. How long were you there today?

  13. You can't consolidate two separate civil service lists, it's literally illegal lol.

    What's probably going on (what I assume) they don't want to release the new list until they already have a secondary list on standby because the first list is so short as they claim (less then 80 people). Your list will come out FIRST and will they will hire off your list FIRST. It's just a waiting game now, unless your name is DCAS you don't believe any rumors.

  14. 52 minutes ago, mattfutureconductor5 said:

    Thank you , wish you the best in mta 

    did you get int already?  Sadly on mta I am all the way on the bottom , I got bus operator in  low list numbers but two established list still not done 

    guess I just focused my degree as teacher for back up. Never know what to expect with transit.

    i am a Hs softball umpire right now and flag football referee spring time only.

    I'm in the process for NJT Assistant Conductor, I took the test and was given my results within a week. Then they invite you to an interview if you pass (which is the step I'm currently at). I actually have my interview coming up this week.

  15. 5 hours ago, mattfutureconductor5 said:

    You forgot to add the 10 year wait in the exam given in 2008  NJ TRANSIT RESULT COME IN TWO WEEK 





    or customer have no money to pay ticket, how to deal with that.

    WE HAVE AN 1 year and a month training because we deal with customer a lot 

    mta conductor just chilled inside a cab and wait for each stop and announce each stop

    that easy in real life. 

    We also sometime help out on platform with directions and scanning tickets

    that soon will be mta too after metrocard rip




    Good luck on your test Wednesday. It's both Math and Reading so hopefully you'll do well.

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