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  1. They probably filled up the class with Ops for MTA bus and are waiting for approval to hire new ones. Just keep emailing them and you should be good to go as long as your persistent.
  2. It's fine that you sent in two, the staff analyst will email you only if they have any questions or errors you need to correct. If everything is in order the next email you'll receive is a drug test.
  3. Don't worry about that part until they call you downtown to finish the paperwork.
  4. Don't worry about that part, it's not important for the pre employment. Just fill everything else out to the best of your ability.
  5. They filling up the July 19th class with list numbers in in 300s right now, so you'll probably get in the one after that.
  6. If you dont mind me asking what your list number range is, I'm just trying to gage how far they've gone.
  7. Watch your rear tires and it'll give you a good picture as to weather or not you've hit the curb. That green light above the rear doors tells you if the interlock is engaged or not.
  8. Just reply to the canvass and check the box that you aren't interested at this time.
  9. Got an email to do medical on Friday with the class going in on July 19th.
  10. Any borough that's MTA bus associated. But if it helps you there's a 80% chance it's going to be Queens. Only 2 depots outside of Queens.
  11. Take sanitation and never look back.
  12. I spammed called them like crazy today to no response, then at about 12 in the afternoon I magically got the email.
  13. Just got a phone call and text to go down Thursday to continue to Pre Employment process, list number 29X
  14. Just wear regular clothes, just don't come in looking dirty. Documents wise, Original Social Security Card, Original Birth Certificate, Drivers License (if you have one). Just wondering, what's your list number range if you don't mind sharing.
  15. When you go in it'll be a drug test and you'll finish filling out your pre employment. I think you may need to bring some personal documents.
  16. If you don't mind me asking, what's your list number range? Edit: Wait until the end of business day for an email, if you don't receive one by end of business day reach out to them first thing Monday morning. Did you get a date to come in at least?
  17. Low 190's called in to do the drug test?
  18. You heard they wanted an X amount or?
  19. If you got the email for medical then you'll be sworn in the same day. Medical and Final processing are the same day thing.
  20. Whenever you guys go in for medical and swearing in, if someone could find out how big the class is I'm really curious. One of my friends with the list number in the early 100's seems to have made it in also so, I'm just wondering how many people they plan on putting in May 3rd.
  21. Well 180 Livingston is currently still a skeleton crew. Majority of HR is still working from home on most days and you have to factor in with covid restrictions, and hiring for other titles will only cause this issue to prolong for the foreseeable future. Hiring will go on but, much slower from what it seems.
  22. They are in the process of hiring additional bus operators. There should be a new class going in around early May if what I heard was true.
  23. You're good, all buses are automatic.

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