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  1. If you don't mind me asking what your list number range is in. And now due to limited capacity issues you should be in an out within 3 - 4 hours MAX.
  2. My boy with a list number in the early 100s got an email to come down to 180 on Friday to continue the hiring process and drug testing.
  3. It's up to you at the end of the day but, I'd recommend finishing the 1 year as a Bus Operator that way you can go back to that title if you aren't a fan of Track. At the end of the day the decision is yours.
  4. Nah you're good. If you didn't get a response that means they got it and you're good.
  5. You gotta take care of the tickets, are you able to plead and pay?
  6. I've known operators that got a second or third chance to do the DMV road test but, yes if you fail a certain number of road tests then they'll terminate you. I don't know about them using the 1 in 3 rule on you for future careers.
  7. I got an email today from an Associate Staff Analyst saying she got my application and I needed to amend something for her in it. So they do have all of our stuff and it looks like they have someone reviewing it.
  8. Ehh. I want to wait and see what the investigation brings forth before screaming corruption at it's finest. Transit loves throwing all of us under the bus real quick before gathering all the facts.
  9. Bit off topic, are y'all picking at least? Cause every other MOW department is picking from what I've heard.
  10. Nah, whenever they're ready to continue with the process they'll starting scheduling people for the drug test portion.
  11. Depends on how the first 500 do on pre-employment, drug test, medical. Depends on how big the classes are and how many classes they plan on putting in. Tomorrow is the deadline for the first 500 to send in their pre-employment packets so we'll see what the other people post. I'm in the 29x area so not too far from the middle.
  12. The first 500 numbers have been sent pre-employment emails.
  13. Yeah it's gonna be a minute, they only up to 22xx.
  14. But if you have a license they gotta run it anyway.
  15. Yes, you have to fill out the license portion of the pre-employment section. They also request a copy of your drivers license on top of that. If you worked for a DOT monitored employee that requires annual urine samples then you should fill out that portion, if you haven't then you don't need to touch it.
  16. That same super who had the class last week out of Flatbush, same guy this time also keeps taking them around Ulmer Park 🤣🤣
  17. They went past this exam but, you can call and restore your name to the list. Call MTA HR.
  18. They give you a brief document when they qualify you on the bus. It's pretty much the same as the 40 ft buses in terms of driving and turning. The artic joint is your reference point for turning.
  19. My boy in the 700s didn't get an email or phone call so its safe to say they didn't go past 500.
  20. I got a friend with the list number 34x, so they sent emails to at least that number. Who knows they might hire more then 150, depending on budget and how many people they need.
  21. I got an email to fill out the pre-employment stuff and the same phone call. List number 29X
  22. According to the dcas data sheet, MTA requested 8000 names to fill 150 vacancies. Hopefully this means a class goes in soon.

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