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  1. They rarely update the terminated list, last time it was updated was November 1st, also they can't extend 3600 since it expired.
  2. Exam 3600 expired as of today with no new list being published yet from 8600 or the promotional 8704. Wondering how long it will take till they publish one.
  3. Full Time, the exam title would've specified if it was part time or not. Also with the new pending MTA contract all part time operating titles were squashed.
  4. Yes, they did extend the list till 2021 according to the civil service open data list.
  5. Honestly, if you have any write ups at work they may use it against you. If you really did leave on good terms then no, they won't try and mess with you.
  6. Went down there, filled out some paperwork. I was 2nd in line with the jacket and glasses, got a paper saying to come back when my license is 3 years old which is in Feburary, so a short wait.
  7. The 14th is Columbus Day and the beginning of a Jewish Holiday as well, maybe that's why?
  8. Just a quick update to everyone who took this exam, I got a pre-employment letter in the mail today finally. Date is scheduled for October 11th and I'm list number 6x.
  9. Northside Driving school in Ridgewood is where I went and got my CDL, great school and teachers. About 1200ish for 11 lessons, bus for road test, and the DMV appointment fee. Only took me 2 weeks to get it. Whatever you decide I do not recommend Ferrari as they are over priced and the instructors are somewhat meh..
  10. With the current list 3600 set to expire on December 17th 2019, we should hopefully get our results and list established by the end of this year.
  11. Up to around list number 1000 on exam 7612, everyone gets called depending on if they pass. Just make sure to have a CDL permit or license by the time they call you.
  12. As long as you passed the test you'll get called. They went through exam 4600 with 7000 people like butter and called e everyone, 7612 hasn't been out a year yet and they're up to 1000.
  13. Until the official results get published when they establish the list, no. The questions are all equally worth the same amount of points.
  14. Answer Key is up early, self marked myself and got only 2 wrong from the memory portion. Good luck to all.
  15. Got an email from HR stating the license age changes in the NOE, also stating this list was established as of May 2019 and will be good for 4 years.
  16. 5000s and that was a year ago, I doubt they'll call past 5000 anyway tbh.
  17. Few years? We're only behind 1 exam (7105) and they're almost done with it, probably at the end of this year/early next year they'll start calling off this list.
  18. You can work any garage in any borough except for depots designated under MTA Bus.
  19. Lol, we're trying to protect you if anything. I know guys that went down to labor relations and they had screenshots of these forums. Also the guy that quoted you originally is now a TSS so he knows what time it is.
  20. But the majority of people that post here don't seem to understand that 2 Broadway screenshots half this shit and brings it to the table during labor relations.
  21. Yeah man, literally every post above you lol. Check your mailbox within the next few days.
  22. Let the games begin, 6x list number
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