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  1. Training is full time, you're only able to work out of the spring creek depot cause the union got jipped. Lines are B100, B103, BM1, BM2, BM3, BM4, BM5. You can transfer to full time after 6 months if I'm not mistaken.
  2. Next class should be in February as I've said on the last page, ya'll thought I was joking lol.
  3. A MTA employee who heard it from someone above him, you know how these things are.
  4. Current rumor on the street is no classes till February, last class only had around 24 people so it makes sense. Now we wait.
  5. You're not going to get a letter for a little while, you don't have to worry about that right now. They're going to hit around the 2,000 mark before they send it out to you.
  6. I honestly don't know, they've held classes every month since the list got established. It just goes by the hiring needs of the agency at this point.
  7. You'll get called, it's just going to be a while, last appointed was 898 and we're only 7 months into the list.
  8. Three things you need.. 1. General Knowledge 2. Air Brakes 3. Passenger Endorsement Everything else is extra and honestly not needed if you plan on doing just NYCT/MaBSToA
  9. List Established, good luck all!! https://data.cityofnewyork.us/City-Government/Civil-Service-List-Active-/vx8i-nprf/data
  10. That's a big fact, honestly no one knows what's going to happen period. They schedule classes on a demand bases, so they can't really know what the deal is unless they have a demand for track workers. Although from what it looks like I doubt they will extend the list past this cycle as there is no reason to. What will happen probably is once the list expires in December the promotional list will be established, followed by 8600 around June 2019ish. (Most of this is just my opinion, take it with a grain of salt.)
  11. So they killing the list and not extending it as someone else said?
  12. The M is only going to 96 on weekends and late nights when the regular terminal is Essex/Myrtle. QBL doesn't need additional trains while CBTC is being installed.
  13. Not too sure if this affects the hiring right, correct me if I'm wrong. Once they extend the G full length that will require C/R's at all times. (No more OPTO weekends and late nights) Also the M extended to 96th street late nights and weekends (Has to be full length, no way 4 car OPTO from Metro to 96) So they will need C/R's for the G and M more.
  14. Yeah when I went for the OPA back in June, the numbers were all over the place. I'm in the 48xx range and people were there in the same range at the 2xxx. I honestly have no idea what the game plan is for them.
  15. I highly doubt it's going to be anytime soon. They called up to 5000 for the OPA, up to around 1500ish for PE and around 800ish for School Car. It's my best guess that OPA won't be happening for at least a year if not more. They will probably start doing OPA again once they reach the late 3000's, early 4000's on the list.
  16. http://www.twulocal100.org/sites/twulocal100.org/files/pay_rates_by_title_2017-2019.pdf
  17. You would go back on probation under the new title.
  18. If you want to work for transit you apply for all the exams you qualify for. I know guys that applied for bus operator, conductor, track worker, and train operator. Whoever calls first you go for and get your foot in the door. I personally applied for conductor, track worker, and bus operator just to increase my chances.
  19. Apply for all 3, increases your chances of getting into Transit.
  20. The person you spoke to told you they plan on extending the list past the 4 year life cycle? Also we've had someone here post that he was in the 4000s and got called for medical recently, they can't still be in the 2000s
  21. Was it a provisional number or a established number. Did the letter state the list is expected to be established June/July 2018 or nah.
  22. Has it been established and published yet? I'm unable to search it up on the civil service data website.
  23. Be careful on the rumors you believe on these forums. This isn't the last class of the year, this is the last scheduled class, after that its on a as need basis.
  24. Good luck to you man, just be honest and you'll be fine. Out of curiosity, what range is your list number?
  25. So it looks like their still hiring off this list, that squashes the rumors that May was the last class.
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