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  1. I heard it wasn't a real R142A so no reason for it to be coming from Pelham Yard, instead it was a converted R62A why do you think the train disconnected into 1 car, R142A's can't be broken up into 1 car pairs but only 5 car pairs. The at the end of the first car is another hint that it's not a real R142A.
  2. I am very calm just shocked how people don't understand what a movie is...
  3. Wow again really? Pelham 123 and other movies that involve trains and buses AREN'T made for railfans, It's not supposed to be accurate it's supposed to be a movie. When are people going to understand that?
  4. Great Stuff! I hope to ride these soon!
  5. Jesus That looks HOT!! I can't wait to ride those bad boys
  6. Blue Bloods Episode 2 it's really a R160 train at Broad St, I guess they filmed it at night when the stations closed.
  7. Yeah, Use the search button next time... it's not that hard :lock: :lock: :lock:
  8. Worst in what? Passengers, Routing, or Equipment I don't understand you're question 100%.
  9. what's with all the recent necroposting should there be infractions already?
  10. again.... does this guy keep going to the last page on the forums and keeps bringing back dead topics..
  11. The express coming back is possible... As soon as the population grows on the sea beach more and more service would be needed I could see it being done by 2060ish (no sarcasm)
  12. Thanks I'm in the mood for some ice cream!
  13. Actually I didn't hear about that.. but what makes Halloween different from any other day. Any day someone can dress up in a costume board a bus and hit the B/O. That's what I'm trying to say.
  14. This is some bull****. Are you serious? MTA can't run buses just because some kids throw toilet paper and eggs at the bus?!
  15. If you do can you tell us so we can get a mob formed... lol jk
  16. thanks guys!! thanks and nope didn't see one B) I saw all the N's that went over the Q about 6-7 train sets
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