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  1. I know I'm late but thanks. I was used to users commenting back onto my profile page and so I never checked your profile back until now.

  2. Think I spotted you operating the (J) this evening... You were coming in at 75 St around 4 and was wearing black sunglasses.


    Comfortable ride if that was you.

  3. Oh. I sometimes see how much patience one t/o can bear on that "S" - hitting at most 20 mph, or maybe even 25, I'm not sure. Idk how some go around 10 mph all the way.

  4. Interesting... I see how your runs must be a little boring as it's basically the same line up until Myrtle-Broadway.

  5. Love your posts man. It's always well written and informative. ;)

  6. Hey.


    Nowadays to become a t/o, do you still have to become a conducter first? Or is it straightforward?

  7. I see you were a motorman on the (Q). Don't you miss the unique open-cut? Till this day I still find it pretty cool that in some areas the only thing seperating the ROW from residental homes is a short gate. Esp the section from Av H to Newkirk.

  8. Totally forgot about the tourist.

    Thanks man.

  9. Hey. I was thinking of checking out DiFara's Pizza. Is it really worth the bucks and are the lines usually long?

  10. Hey man.


    Is that your video of the plow train?

  11. Hey.


    You live in Coney Island?

  12. Hey. Stupid question but is that you in your profile pic?

  13. Sweet video of that 46 rushing into 42nd. :tup:

  14. Thanks! I have no clue where those abandoned lines are thou.

  15. Lol. Better luck next time. ;)

  16. Around 5 or maybe even 6. You were at Av I.

  17. I see you went railfanning on your home line 2day. I was @ Bay Pkwy for a while. Luckly I caught the hauling ass express, I'm pretty sure you caught it also.

  18. Hey man. Thanks for the invite.

  19. What's your facebook?

  20. Same. Just browsing around on the web.

  21. Hey. As a t/o on the J line, which car do you prefer, the R160's or R42's?

  22. Nice drawing. I sometimes take the B12 when going to school.

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