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Status Updates posted by R44 CNG

  1. 8051 and 8069 on the Q3 at the moment

  2. Thank you LGA for the Bees, rest assured that its in good hands at Baisely Park

    1. 4P3607


      If only I didn't miss 117 on the Q53...

  3. Time to enjoy 5 straight NBA games tmrw!

    1. Broadway Local

      Broadway Local

      Watching NYK vs. LAL today at 3pm today! :)

  4. Not feeling tired for some odd reason but I got work tomorrow.

  5. Happy Friday The 13th

  6. Falling Skies 2 Hr Season Premiere Tonight on TNT!!! and also Game 3 of 2012 NBA Finals!!!

  7. Tiebreaker game for the Knicks!

    1. Broadway Local

      Broadway Local

      I'm watching the game right now too! Big Knicks fan! :)

    2. R188 7857

      R188 7857

      they w i n by 4 points boo yah

  8. Watching both rematches on ESPN tonight!

  9. Can't wait to see LFSA's in Queens!

    1. NyctRman1278


      There is one 5874 at casey depot

  10. wonders where this status will be placed...

  11. Happy Birthday sir!

  12. Happy Birthday! :)

  13. I see you listening to Fab :cool:

  14. Happy Birthday CS! Enjoy your special day

  15. Happy Slushy Birthday...Keep Doing Your Thing...Ignore The Haters :tup:

  16. I figured I should redo your signature...so here it is



  17. Original:



    Lil' Faster:





  18. I can make this faster if you want :cool:



  19. Hey just wanted to know how can you tell the difference between MCI 102-DLW3SS and D4500 just by looking at it (other than the numbers)...Thanks :tup:

  20. Happy Birthday!

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