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  1. Farewell 1804 http://www.auctionsinternational.com/servlet/Search.do?auctionId=708&itemId=4939
  2. Thanks! Thanks! Thanks! and yup Thanks! Thanks! Thanks! That x27 was a suprise Thanks! Thanks!
  3. Exclusive pics! Looks like the bus restoration routes have a bigger borough font.
  4. Nice pics! Did you happen to catch 6027 and now that I notice where does the fleet # for the Xcelsior belong...on the stripe or under the run #?
  5. Jamaica is the place to be (everything but Orion VII OG CNG, New Flyer D60, New Flyer XD60 and Prevost)
  6. Nice pics! So you did get that last shot.
  7. Time to enjoy 5 straight NBA games tmrw!

    1. Broadway Local

      Broadway Local

      Watching NYK vs. LAL today at 3pm today! :)

  8. Nice pics and I like the new white watermark!
  9. Nice shots! My favorite is the 6th.
  10. Nice photos! I never took a photo at 5 Av-3rd St, now I want to.
  11. Nice Pics! Can't wait too see these on Hillside/Merrick/Farmers/Linden/Liberty lol.
  12. Nice shots! I should head into Long Island more often instead of getting shots at 165.
  13. Thanks, I just noticed 9271 paint job! Thanks, imagine if JA had artics! Nice meeting you and hopefully you get 5837 again!
  14. Thanks! I try my best sir! Thanks! Thanks! Thanks and it is! Thanks, can't wait to see them in service on the 44! Thanks! Thanks me too! Thanks! Thanks, Nice meeting you too and FR is hectic! Thank You!
  15. Nice pics! Where in Downtown BK was that pic of 595 taken?
  16. Nice Pics! Lol at the Smurf R62A

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