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  1. Understanding women isn't calculus....I know calculus and I'll take that over trying to figure out what goes through some girls' minds these days.

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    2. KNIGHTRIDER3:16


      This place hasn't changed much

    3. KNIGHTRIDER3:16


      This place hasn't changed much

    4. B35 via Church

      B35 via Church

      People don't change.

  2. I have to go out to Elizabeth, NJ twice a week and hope I can get a lift...and pay for the stupid toll on top of that. A 10 minute drive takes 2 hours by mass transit. But that's not a problem......

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    2. Joel Up Front

      Joel Up Front

      It'll cost you either way. I actually drove over the Goethals once; never doing it again.

    3. checkmatechamp13


      I usually get an unlimited express pass, so the local bus would be free. Even if it wasn't, $2.75 vs. $6.50 carpool, plus gas...

    4. Xfer2Nowhere


      I need something like that for EWR in February. Lyft, Uber, car service, it's all the same.

  3. Finally done with my AP tests. Anybody want to go fanning with me, you can let me know.

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    2. B36 Via Ave U

      B36 Via Ave U

      Congrats man, I have my last 1 on Thursday, AP world, and I will be fanning next Sunday.

    3. Amtrak7


      Did 2 in one day today...one more Thursday morning.

    4. checkmatechamp13


      Yeah, I took Calculus on Wednesday, English Lit on Thursday, and Physics Monday. Well, good luck guys.

  4. I sent out another email to those who signed my petition. If you didn't receive one, send me a PM.

  5. To everybody who signed my petition: Thanks again, and I sent out a message to your email.

  6. I see you've signed my petition. Thanks, man.

  7. I love it when people make up complete BS without realizing it's only making them look like an even bigger idiot.

  8. No school tomorrow or Friday! (Public schools). I just hope they don't make us make it up at the end of the year or something. (Knock wood)

  9. Damn. I wanted to change my profile photo, but it says that the pictures are too large, and then when I tried to put back the original profile photo, it also said it was too large. What's up with that?

    1. ttcsubwayfan


      Oh, I hate that. I also hate the size restriction of 10kb - I've had to decrease the quality of my avatars in order to be able to use them.

    2. Harry


      Try now guys

  10. If anybody's interested in busfanning on SI during the schoolyear, let me know. I was thinking of doing the S79, and then everybody can go home by taking the S89 to the HBLR.

  11. Does anybody happen to have a Manhattan bus map from the late 80s or early 90s that shows the old X23? It should also show the X25 traveling via Church Street/6th Avenue & 5th Avenue/Broadway instead of the FDR.

    1. IRT Bronx Express

      IRT Bronx Express

      IIRC, they were Harry's, and I downloaded scans when they were available years ago. I'll check.

  12. S67: Arlington - Holland Avenue

    1. Threxx


      Via Watchouge Road

      Via Gotheals Road N

  13. S44: SI Mall - Yukon Avenue

    1. mark1447


      via Old Bridge, NJ

    2. Threxx


      Via Cary

      Via Richmond

  14. I noticed a certain someone didn't respond back in the Brooklyn Bus Proposals thread. I guess he can't come up with anything to refute my watertight arguments. Still, SMH @ reducing the B46 because of farebeating. And he was ademant about it too....

    1. Threxx


      LOL, the heat was too much from the both of us...

  15. Yeah, I remember that. It was something about the $12 wine vs. the $14 wine or something like that. Maybe he can take those $2 and put it towards getting me a new computer. :D

  16. You know, I could picture him when he eats at one of his fancy restaurants. You're familiar with the SpongeBob Squarepants episodes, right? In the one called Pickles, the guy goes up to Squidward and asks for some kind of crazy order, and Squidward goes "We serve food here sir". I can only imagine what those waiters have to go through. :eek:

  17. Yeah. Heaven forbid he has to put up with those Prevosts. Geez, what do you expect for $5.50? :(

  18. LOL. I remember all the times when he was talking about moving. He's like "The neighborhood has to have a certain level of affluence, and walkability, and peacefulness. And Lord help you if it doesn't have express buses".

  19. Yeah, you've got to love those 5 page debates we get into on something that isn't even remotely related to the original topic. We go from discussing BusTime to arguing about how safe SI neighborhoods are.

  20. LOL. No. What would make you think that? I did meet him in person, though.

  21. Yeah, I think you mentioned it a couple of months ago, and then when I saw how the posts lined up, it made sense to me.

  22. Got it. Thanks. :tup:

  23. Yeah, I saw the Westchester data. Interesting stuff. Maybe I'm missing something, but where is the cost per passenger on the routes?


    For a domain name, maybe statmaster.com, or transitstats.com would work.

  24. Yup, I got it. Thanks a lot. :tup:

  25. Interesting. I would've thought the Hudson Line trains would've had more reverse-peak riders (people coming from the Lower Hudson up to Poughkeepsie)

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