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  1. It actually stops there. I had a work party in December at a restaurant across the street, and myself and a few coworkers picked up the Q100 at that stop.
  2. Sure, I would agree with you if he were just some regular passenger, but he has been on this transit forum for years and should have no excuse as to why he didn't know about the meetings held in the Spring of 2019.
  3. Express bus changes in The Bronx have been postponed for a year while they reevaluate.
  4. I have to double-check but I am pretty sure the S48 has a tripper from either I.S.27 (Forest & Broadway) or I.S.51 (Forest & Willowbrook) heading west.
  5. The elementary school (P.S.14)? The S62 has a trip from Victory & Forest to Travis at 3pm to serve Notre Dame. I'm pretty sure the S51 has a trip from I.S.2 (Midland & Boundary) towards St. George.
  6. On the weekday portion of the schedule (usually at the bottom of the second direction, before the Saturday schedule is shown), you'll see a note that says "Supplemental service is provided on school days between X:XX and X:XX". Those are the school trippers. Off the top of my head, the only Staten Island local route that doesn't have any trippers is the S40/90. (The S42/52 count as one route in the MTA's eyes, and I know the S42 has trippers to/from I.S.61 at Castleton & Brighton, but I'm not sure if the S52 has any).
  7. Someone else can jump in with additional info, but I think the main thing is that they will add 8 extra tracks (and presumably some platforms) to the South of the existing station
  8. I would have the PM pattern be the same as the AM pattern. I get that you want to separate the 3 different groups of riders (riders heading to/from the subway, riders heading to Gravesend, and riders heading to Bensonhurst/Dyker Heights/Bay Ridge), but you also have to consider the local residents within Brighton Beach who need to travel further west.
  9. @B35 via Church A year-and-a-half into this redesign, and that isolated portion of SE Annadale will finally have express bus service. A new SIM23 stop at Hylan & Poillon will take effect January 21st (the signs are already up)
  10. Virtually every major cross-street has a direct bus to Jamaica (also the current Q77 only connects to the not the )
  11. OK...and so does the MTA...which neighborhoods do you see that lost direct access to the subway (especially during rush hour)? Technically I think Astoria saw a span reduction in the compared to the (though the runs all night so that's a moot point) And I'm still LMAO at the N15 story from the first time you mentioned it. No more complicated than the "C" routes on the SIM network, or the local/limited-stop pattern on many lines throughout the city. I don't think you need a whole new network, just say which routes are extended to cover for other routes during off-peak hours. 1. To get to Downtown Manhattan from areas south of Liberty Avenue, it is quicker to go to the compared to going up to Jamaica for the and riding that all the way down. 2. Most of those routes that go to the 165th Street Bus Terminal are being extended to Jamaica Avenue & Merrick Blvd.
  12. @BM5 via Woodhaven I was thinking of an editorial where someone mentioned taking the Q33 to the Q53 to reach Woodhaven Blvd. But yes, you're right, for the QCM under the current system you can do it without passing through Broadway/Roosevelt. As for your other comment, it seems to be two points that you're making: One being that the proposed system doesn't do enough to get people to major hubs like Flushing & Jamaica, and the other about the QT73 specifically. For the first point, I've already made my points (the crosstown routes and through-routing will help, and most people in Eastern Queens will still be within walking distance of a route to one of the major hubs) For the QT73, remember that the Q76 is the only route from Jamaica that serves that part of NE Queens (the Q31 swings over along 48th & Bell, and the other routes run towards College Point). So most riders north of Northern Blvd will be able to take the QT64 or QT65. Even for those along Northern Blvd, some are transferring from the Q12/13, so those riders would just transfer at Utopia Parkway if they wanted Jamaica. For the area around Francis Lewis/HHE, fair enough, since they are also losing the Q30 to Jamaica. But in any case, if you're saying that they need to go to Jamaica as a transfer point, but then you say that they don't need southern Queens, you just defeated your own argument. If they are going towards areas on the QBL, they would be better off taking one of the bus lines that heads in that direction directly (e.g. QT32, QT87, QT12, etc). The only major connection you can say they are really missing out on is the train if they are heading towards Brooklyn or Lower Manhattan (but even then, that's a fairly long walk from the 165th Street Bus Terminal to the station. To get to the AirTrain/LIRR station is even longer)
  13. At the bottom of the page it says the goal is to roll out the new network by 2022 (my guess is they will do Brooklyn & Queens at the same time, since there's so many routes that cross between the boroughs) https://new.mta.info/system_modernization/bus_network/queensbusredesign/draftplan And what portion of it is caused by the structure of the network that funnels so many buses to Broadway & Roosevelt to begin with? For example, to get from Queens Center Mall to the northern section of Jackson Heights, you have to take the subway or Q53 to reach the Q33. Now you can take the QT10 directly (though it seems to be missing a stop near the Queens Center Mall, which is likely an error. The terminal is actually by Rego Park). I'm sure some of those people are taking the train because they want a chance at getting a seat: That can be solved by having short-turns start at 82nd & Roosevelt (or more likely 83rd & Roosevelt, since I'm not sure they'll be making 82nd two-way) heading north. That's what its purpose is, but once it turns onto Francis Lewis Blvd (coming from Flushing), I forsee buses being virtually empty. If they're going to run service up Utopia Parkway and have that be the main north-south artery through that area, they might as well just do that. The only advantage I see of them running it that way is that it gives a connection to the QT71 (so you can go from say, Queens Village to College Point without going through Flushing), but I don't forsee many people taking advantage of that connection (and with Willets Point Blvd having peak-only service, and Beechurst having peak-only access to Flushing, I think there are more pressing issues to worry about). And that's why some of the new crosstown routes come in (and some routes that pass through Flushing or Jamaica without terminating there): For example, if someone needed to get from Francis Lewis & 73rd to Sutphin & Linden, they could now do so by taking the QT73 to the QT7, as opposed to the Q76 to the Q6. If they needed to get somewhere on the northern part of Merrick Blvd, they could transfer from the QT71 to the QT18. If they needed to get to Ozone Park, they can take the QT73 to the QT67. As for the commercial areas argument, there's new commercial areas that have easier access as a result of this (e.g. the Francis Lewis route now goes to Flushing instead of Jamaica, the Springfield Blvd route now connects to the commercial parts of Bell Blvd near Bay Terrace and near the Bayside LIRR station). For that matter, areas north of Northern Blvd trade one route to Jamaica (the Q76) for two that are much more direct (the QT64/65). There are some areas that lose off-peak service to Flushing, but that can be remedied through further restructuring. As for the spacing between the routes/stops, along the QT71 the east-west routes are generally less than 1/2 mile apart and the areas are fairly well-gridded (again, generally speaking. There's a couple of exceptions, like Hillside Avenue-Union Turnpike, and 48th Avenue-Horace Harding Expressway). So the maximum walk to get to an east-west route is under 1/4 mile in most cases (if you live between two east-west routes, you will walk to the closest one). If someone walked 1/4 mile to get to Francis Lewis Blvd, then we're talking about a maximum of 1/2 mile of walking for most cases. You have it reversed (Q6-Q77 directly, or Q6 and walk to the Q4). But yes, I agree with your point about the crosstown routes.
  14. What do they mean "distribution by lottery to local city residents"?
  15. Apparently NJT is starting a process for its own redesign: http://www.subchat.com/buschat/readflat.asp?Id=337686
  16. In a general sense, I don't think they went overboard in gridding out the Eastern Queens network. Look at the Q27: They kept the 46th Avenue portion (QT15), the HHE-Jamaica Avenue portion (QT31) and you can even get from Cambria Heights to Flushing on the QT73. Francis Lewis Blvd loses direct access to Jamaica, but south of Hillside, most of the intersecting routes go there anyway, north of the HHE, you're better off going to Flushing for the subway, and between the HHE and Hillside Avenue, both the QT32 & QT33 provide service to Queens Blvd express stations. Obviously there are some routing decisions that are head-scratchers (the QT84 comes to mind, especially the Francis Lewis Blvd portion) but I think the basic principle of what they are trying to do is sound.
  17. I personally don't care about the park & ride, but being that the SIM23 deadheaded through that area (which is far from an express bus stop, and a dangerous walk) I was pushing to have it extended to Hylan & Huguenot. The fact that they decided to have the SIM23 be the sole route in that area, and divert the SIM24 to Outerbridge P&R is fine, but the SIM23 needs to have stops in that area so people have a safe way to reach it (they could obviously take the local bus, but if the express bus passes through, why not make it reasonably accessible?)
  18. I've been asking for them to add a couple of stops between Barclay & Luten (since the area is sparsely populated, but people do live there). If they do that, then this will be an excellent change: https://www.silive.com/news/2020/01/academy-bus-sim24-express-bus-to-start-using-outerbridge-park-and-ride.html?utm_medium=social&utm_campaign=statenislandadvance_sf&utm_source=facebook&fbclid=IwAR3TJmpiln6WykTvD88YC6-amDH3WTQilmGCNh6FfvujS05CGI2Z-k5fcQk @BM5 via Woodhaven @SIMplicity
  19. So they went ahead and added the extra S66 service: https://sct-bus.org/assets/s66 for January 5 2020.pdf @B35 via Church @BM5 via Woodhaven @mac5689
  20. Welcome to this forum, and best of luck
  21. Scheduled for implementation September 2020
  22. The SIMs didn't see cuts. There are way more trips under this new system than there were under the old system. We had to fight to get those improvements, and there are still plenty of issues but overall the system is better than before the redesign. I say this as a daily SIM4/8 rider. The consensus among the planners seems to be that Staten Island definitely needs its express buses...the other boroughs...not so much...
  23. That the bus intends to bypass the first bus and the driver of the stopped bus knows to let the other bus pass before pulling out.
  24. @Union Tpke I can't really tell. At that interchange it looks like one blue route heading north onto Cross Bay Blvd, and one heading south (and the Woodhaven/Cross Bay route goes from green to blue around there). But then again it could also be trying to show that one route has to turn to get to/from the Belt Parkway in general so I'm not sure.
  25. The MTA isn't terminating the M100 at 125th & Amsterdam. Many people at the public meetings/community board meetings (myself included) said it would be stupid to terminate at that intersection itself, and it should either be further east (e.g. Morningside Avenue) or further west (likely the Bx15 terminal or maybe loop around via LaSalle Street). The consensus seems to be to have it run west rather than east so the Bx15 (or M125) terminal is likely where it will end (the MTA officials said they heard us loud and clear on that)
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