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  1. He's pulling that same shit on the CPTDB too, with me and Orion6025.
  2. During this COVID-19 epidemic, I've had time to upload older photos to my Flickr. These photos date from 2004 to April 2013, although all all of them are from 2012 and 2013, when I began fan in earnest. These are the only photos I have of the . P1080294 by GojiMet86, on Flickr P1080295 by GojiMet86, on Flickr P1080275 by GojiMet86, on Flickr P1080279 by GojiMet86, on Flickr P1080280 by GojiMet86, on Flickr P1080281 by GojiMet86, on Flickr P1080282 by GojiMet86, on Flickr P1080283 by GojiMet86, on Flickr P1080285 by GojiMet86, on Flickr
  3. I know everyone's OCD is being triggered (mine is) but at the end of the day an XD40 is an XD40. It doesn't matter which bus is transferred, as long as it's useful.
  4. Look forward to having the QT1, QT2, and Q61 being implemented.
  5. https://www.newflyer.com/2020/06/new-flyer-to-deploy-first-automated-heavy-duty-transit-bus-in-north-america-supporting-connecticuts-pursuit-of-integrated-mobility/
  6. Wasn't aware that Coach USA has timetables for ONE (Orange Newark Elizabeth Bus Inc) bus lines (the 24, 31, and 44): https://www.coachusa.com/one-bus/schedules https://web.coachusa.com/CoachUsaAssets/files/95/route24.pdf https://web.coachusa.com/CoachUsaAssets/files/95/route31.pdf https://web.coachusa.com/CoachUsaAssets/files/95/route44.pdf
  7. Would you care to enlighten us with your superior intellect and define what facts and opinions are?
  8. Greyhound has a couple of them already, they look really good.
  9. Saw this post on BusChat, member kcram3500 sums the bus side nicely: https://njtplans.com/downloads/capital-project-sheets/separated/NJ_Transit_Bus_Fleet.pdf https://njtplans.com/downloads/capital-project-sheets/separated/NJ_Transit_Bus_Garages.pdf https://njtplans.com/downloads/capital-project-sheets/separated/NJ_Transit_Bus_Infrastructure.pdf Now on the rail side, the expansions discussed are: - The addition of a third track between Waldwick and Suffern. - Two more tracks (for a total of four) on the Raritan Valley Line. - A westbound track for the Waterfront Connector track that allows trains from Hoboken to go on the NEC. On the light rail side: - The River Line DMUs are to be overhauled. - The remaining Newark City LRVs that are still in their 3-sections configuration will be changed to 5-sections. - A track that will bypass the HBLR junction at Hoboken. - The extension of the HBLR from Tonnelle Avenue to Englewood. - The extension of the HBLR to Route 440 (which I think is already underway). - A grade crossing elimination at Paterson Avenue. https://njtplans.com/downloads/capital-project-sheets/separated/NJ_Transit_Regional_Transit_Projects.pdf https://njtplans.com/downloads/capital-project-sheets/separated/NJ_Transit_Rail_Expansion.pdf https://njtplans.com/downloads/capital-project-sheets/separated/NJ_Transit_Light_Rail.pdf
  10. They ran the in the AM. Saw several sets. They ran only R143s and R160s.
  11. Don't feel like looking at the whole video. Are people going to start paying the fare on the local buses again, or is it still going to be "free"?
  12. I don't recall seeing this before. From March: https://www.thecity.nyc/transportation/2020/3/9/21212437/mta-floats-staten-island-high-speed-busway-to-newark-airport
  13. The bus drivers in Minneapolis were the first in refusing to move them. I'm not even understanding why they "asked" in the first place. Don't they have their own schoo- I mean Rikers Island buses?
  14. Point being, I don't know how many people have received it, and it might not be available on the MTA site, so I have made it public.
  15. Yes?.... 1) I want one people to take a look at the questions and responses, and actually discuss it. 2) If I made a separate thread for it, I would have been asked "Why did you make a whole thread for it? Why didn't you put this in the Subway random thoughts thread"......
  16. I received the "NYC Transit COVID-19 Survey" in my email.
  17. Lol, I got a Q69 recently. I counted 26 people at the peak of the trip. No 6 feet apart whatsoever.
  18. I wanted to know the number of buses that were transferred from the private lines to MTA Bus. Using TTMG, the CPTDB wiki, and the Hope Tunnel rosters, there were 1273 buses that were inherited by the MTA. Not all buses were put in service. The New Look Fishbowls from NYBS were immediately retired and, as far as I can tell, so were the MCI Classics from Triboro Coach, with a few RTS, for a total of about 66 buses. So in actuality, some 1207 buses were put in service by the MTA (although the number may certainly be lower). The quantity of buses inherited by the MTA per company looks something like this: COMPANY QTY New York Bus Service 143 Liberty Lines Express 86 Jamaica Bus 103 Queens Surface Corporation 313 Green Bus Lines 245 Triboro Coach Corporation 247 Command Bus Company 136 TOTAL 1273 As of this May, the number of buses in MTA Bus depots looks like this: MTA DEPOT QTY Eastchester 133 Yonkers 84 Baisley Park 116 College Point 330 JFK+FR 243+45 --> 288 LaGuardia 254 Spring Creek 126 TOTAL 1331 There have been lines that have been swapped between depots (i.e. the Q38, QM10/11, Q64, etc). But those swaps have usually been done with an aim of keeping roughly the same number of buses at each depot as before the swap. It's interesting to note how......similar the base numbers are. The QSC, GBL, and JB routes have gotten more buses compared to back in the day, while the others have decreased by a little. The introduction of articulated buses has hidden a theoretical higher number of regular buses, but express service has been steadily cut.
  19. Part of me is thinking this might push the MTA to start looking at OPTO and ATO again, even with that incident that burned a train and killed the worker. That incident can be seen two ways: 1) It's better to have personnel on board to prevent that sort of thing OR 2) with ATO or OPTO, that would have been a life saved.
  20. Facebook page Desert Empire Project
  21. Is it just me, or did the Bx7 just disappear from both the Manhattan and Bronx maps?
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