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  1. All the anti-tourist posts are disgusting. Tourists are the reason why NYC is considered by many the greatest city in the world. Tourists pump billions of dollars into our economy creating countless jobs, which attracts more people into our city, which creates even more jobs. Without all these jobs, there is no point for a subway system at all. It is just as, if not more, important to cater to tourists as locals who ride the subway to work every day.
  2. This is great! Entertainment districts and businesses are built around subway stations and lines, not the other way around. But having "too much" subway for this point in time means growth in that area in the future, and that means a boosted economy in the future. Ever see the photos of the 7 line being built? Looks like they were building a subway line to endless farmland.
  3. Ok, fellas, this is not a serious discussion, so moderators please delete if you feel this is off topic. I have a few off (rhetorical) off-beat questions regarding the subways. There is no way to even take a remotely educated guess on what the answers are, but it might be fun to take some wild guesses or just think about it. Also, if you think of any other off-beat questions, please post too, so we can discuss. So, in the lifespan of an average NYC subway car: -How many cubic feet of trash has been dumped in it? -How many rats has it electrocuted? -How many people have made out in it? Had sex in it? -How many dollars have been handed out to bums? -How many drugs deals have taken place in it? How many illegal "sales"? -How many people have peed in it? How many girls? -How many political speeches/rants has it hosted? How many religious speeches? -How many fights have taken place? How many muggings/robberies? -How many "concerts" have been displayed? -How many languages have been spoken in it? How many different countries of birth has been represented by its riders? Obviously, there is no way for us to ever know, but I think it would be kind of interesting to think/talk about it.
  4. Thanks all. I just had a gut feeling that blue stripe and the orange F had a marriage at some point!
  5. Does anyone know if the r44 ever ran regularly on the F train for any period of time during its lifetime? If so, when? Thanks.
  6. Decades from now, when the R160s nears retirement, will railfans generally remember them fondly and nostalgically, like we view the R32s now? Or will they go with "good riddance" sentiments or just quietly in the best-case scenario, like the R44s just went? Why do you say what you predicted?
  7. Going to automation is a GREAT idea if we want to have the safety record of the Washington DC Metro.
  8. So many of the C trains are now R44s, we know. Does anyone know where the displaced R32s are running, if at all? We don't have much time left with subway trains with RFWs, so if those R32s are running on a different line(s), I want to know where they are, so I can ride them before they go bye-bye. Thanks.
  9. Nice pics! Question: That photo near the middle, under the Cummings Street shots, where there are no tracks in the middle -- where is that?
  10. I use that station almost every day because I work out at the nearby Ballys, and while the station may not be aesthetically pleasing, I rather they hold off on sprucing it up during a fiscal shortfall, and spend any available funds on expanding the sytem, like the SAS or a new Bronx-to-Queens line.
  11. Dumb question: What does G.O. stand for? Thanks.
  12. Personally, I don't think any extension of the system could be considered a waste. I rather have more service and less "fanciness" like rebuilt station complexes or artwork or whatnot. The SAS, 7 train extension, and what I'd like are Bronx-to-Queens line, upper Manhattan cross town, and service to LaGuardia Airport are all good ways to spend MTA money. Remember, though costly in the short term, in the long run, economic development sprouts from subway access, not the other way around.
  13. Or any R46 and R160. They are the same width and height, but the old R46s feel so much wider than the R160s. I know there is a difference in length, but that shouldn't make one car feel so much more wider than the other. Or am I the only one who feels this way?
  14. After the completion of the 7-train extension and Second Ave Subway, perhaps decades from now, I'm sure there'll be discussions on where to extend the system next. Some people want more attention paid to the G-train, perhaps with a direct connection to the Atlantic Ave hub or back onto Queens Ave for direct transfers with the E/F/R trains. I'd like to see a Bronx-to-Queens connection. Manhattan isn't the end-all-be-all of New York anymore, and people would like work and entertainment options in other non-Manhattan boroughs. Perhaps the MTA could purchase a two track right on way on Hell Gate Bridge, or build an elevated structure on top of Hall Gate bridge that allows the subway trains to run above the commuter rail but underneath the wires. The line should go above Hell Gate and turn toward South Bronx where it terminates at Grand Concourse with a transfer available to the 6-line in it's second-to-last stop. In Queens, it should have a transfer at Ditmars Blvd, where they could build a square stairway and elevator to the N/W terminal (so people could head to other places in Queens or Brooklyn) and continue to a terminal serving LaGuardia Airport. Or, even better, continue to Flushing where it could relieve some of the traffic on the 7 Train, so they don't have to run SO many 7-train, which almost causes bottlenecks at Terminals in both Manhattan and Queens, regardless of the time of day. I'd also love to see an Upper Manhattan shuttle connects the Lexington Ave (and SAS) to the West Side lines.
  15. Considering the cost and decades of delays on building this thing, why not just concede a little and build it as an el, at least north of 63rd St to Harlem? Then, when it reached midtown and downtown, we could bury it, but by then, people will have seen first-hand the benefits of the line, and put real pressure to get the whole thing done. I know it's probably gonna be shot down, but I rather a 2nd Ave Subway built and above ground than non-existant.
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