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  1. I believe that it was already mentioned that the M8's were to be used on the SLE.
  2. Meh, I see it. It's okay. It's pretty much a bar setting. I just see signs all over GCT about bar cars.
  3. NWP is always full of action. :cool:
  4. I was at the Earthfare they have in Grand Central. I might go back on Friday since they are having a party on one of the streets. That's what I read on the trashcans they have all over Grand Central. I took some pictures of the Event. They where giving out Earth Day MetroCards.
  5. Shoreliner PL0x

  6. When I was younger, I lived along the Harlem Line. So everyday I would see the M1 or the M3 passing by. I would just sit near the window and see them pass. I remember, once going into Grand Central, I saw the shoreliners, I was just amazed. So, I have a close connection with Metro North and the Harlem Line. I really like the fake wood interior and the over use of NYS Seals. That and with the many other things made MNRR cool.
  7. I only have PS3. However, GTA IV is so much fun. I just wished I could go inside "GCT," like True Crime New York.
  8. My rule is always have a MetroCard in handy, I have one if I need to use it for the Beeline. :cool:
  9. All I saw is the red stripe and the "hump" Pantograph on top.
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