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  1. hey does anyone knows if maintainence guys in structural has to wear uniforms or if they get money to buy from the mta
  2. Thanks dude also does anyone knows if the maintenance guys who work nights gets night deferential and how much is it.
  3. Thanks dude just got another call to come in on monday and bring in this set of paperwork just wondering whats next medical test or another oral interview just nervous cause i would love this job and hope it would be easy for me in the future when the test comes out.fill me in on more info if you have.
  4. Thanks jah but do they have to do training before and also what are their schedules mainly structure maintainer class d?Also some people in this thread is very angry i guess because they are mets fan.Goooo Yankssss;)
  5. does provisional employees have to do training and are they put on probation when they get hired?Also do they work night shifts.
  6. Well got there at 7.15 filled out some paper work took a piss test and was given some more paper work and was told they would be in touch.What do you think dude?
  7. Whats up guys its two day now and no one has said anything what the hell is goin on?:mad:
  8. Cool dude do these structure maintenance level d guys work night shifts
  9. Hey guys, maybe anyone of you can be of help to me. Well, remember I told you I recently took the practical a few weeks back with TA, well I just receieved a letter from TA to come in for a pre-interview tomorrow (March 16). I had to fill out some background information about myself and my license. What does it involve going down to Livingston street Brooklyn? Does my chances still looking even though I have a few moving violations from 2005. Everything has been cleared. I have no pending violations and no suspension? Can somebody please get back to me ASAP. Thanks for all your help!! Wish me luck..lol.
  10. Thanks for the info and giving me some hope because i think i did ok on the practical and the oral so i would love to get on or should i say desperate.I guess you are right i just need to be patient and hope for the best. Hey loudiam do you know the max pay for ta sheetmetal workers i know the start at 24 or 25?
  11. yea man i hear you but like i said earlier i took the oral and practical a couple of weeks ago and was wondering whats my chances,and do they need alot of sheetmetal workers.Also what is realy top pay for sheetmetal worker in transit also how long after would they take to reach me or what should i be looking out for a phone call or some mail with a score or number on it can someone in here help me get in lol.
  12. Damn man i just went on the website and I tried emailing my resume to the email address they have there, but it just won't go through. It comes back saying MAIL DEMON OR ERROR. I sent it the correct way. I don't know what else to do. Is it okay for me to apply again, although i went in for the practical a few days ago? How long have you been a provisional elevator mechanical? What did you start with? And how long did they take to call you after you applied or had an interview? Is there anything you could do to help me get in..lol Thank you for your time.
  13. Okay, well maybe you could fill me in on this...there was a job posting a couple of months ago on the MTA website for sheet metal workers so i applied and got called to take practical test and an oral test i think i did ok but not sure how they judge you. How long do you think it takes for them to call or send my score,and what is the chance of me getting hired and does the MTA really need sheet metal workers? What is the top pay for sheet metal worker?
  14. why dosen"nt anyone in this entire forum discuss anything about provisional employees so the public could be informed about their status in the work force?
  15. thanks for the info.Also is the mta hiring sheetmetal workers or when does the test comes out for the public to take?
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