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  1. I imagine it's similar to its sister engine the Mercedes OM 470. http://www.greencarc...x-20120313.html
  2. I don't recall the details for the reissued bid, but the latest option taken is for 50 buses. They will also get 100 buses from the previously deffered order.
  3. They cancelled the RFP for the 700 buses, instead exercising an option for Compobuses.
  4. Not until recently. BAE just launched the HybriDrive for artics last month.
  5. dude i know.... There's a bunch of them there. I was showing Greyhounds variety. Read carefully next time.
  6. Nice photos. It looks like a CNG Xcelsior to me based on the roofline.
  7. Their website states the will be, where they will "showcase the newest generation of T-Drive RTS."
  8. Greyhound Canada is very much a mix of equipment. Everything after and including the 102C3s (minus the H3-40) are still spotted in service up there. Grey Goose was a company bought by Greyhound and run as a subsidiary. The same is true for Voyageur and PMCL. This is a Grey Goose DL3 in Greyhound livery Grey Goose Bus Lines 244 by standardcanuck, on Flickr A Voyageur H3-45 (ex-Hotard) in Greyhound livery From: Wikipedia An older Voyageur H3-45 still in Voyageur livery A PMCL C3 in Greyhound livery without the swish A PMCL C3 still in old livery, since redone Photo by: Alex Lee Cha-Co Trails was another company acquired by Greyhound An EL3 in Greyhound livery Several former Cha-Co MCI DL3s are still in their original coloful livery From: CPTDB Wiki From: CPTDB Wiki Some coaches were shuffled around and it's not uncomon to see a former Cha-Co bus with Voyageur lettering or a former PMCL bus with Cha-Co lettering. These companies later only existed legally and Greyhound abandoned trying to reletter coaches. One Grey Goose DL3 was refurbished and painted in the new Greyhound livery with Greyhound lettering. A sign that everything is just known as Greyhound. ex-Grey Goose 251 by highfloorheaven, on Flickr
  9. Some Canadian Greyhounds: MCI MC-9 MCI MC-9 Special MCI 96A3 MCI 102B3 (ex-Gray Coach) MCI 102C3 MCI 102DL3 Prevost H3-40 (Grey Goose) Prevost H3-45 MCI 102EL3 MCI D4500 MCI G4500 MCI D4505 MCI MC-12 (ex-USA) Prevost X3-45 (USA, can be seen on Canadian trips) MCI D4500 refurb (USA, temporarily running in Canada) All photos linked from the CPTDB Wiki. Copyright belongs to the original photographers.
  10. It's ex-GO Transit 2001 bought by a tour company in Niagara Falls.
  11. We have American battery-electric buses, but none so far are full sized. Ebus has plans to launch a 40 electric bus and is reportedly working with a Gillig low floor. Nova is developing an electric bus with fellow Volvo company Sunwin of China. The Quebec government hopes to demonstrate an electric bus by 2013. And announced this year, New Flyer is working with Mitsubishi on an electric bus.
  12. Another Chinese manufacturer is looking to enter the North American market. BYD Automobile Co. is marketing their K9 battery-electric bus in Canada through East Wind Group and Canadian Rail Collision and Refurbish. They plan to assemble the bus in Windsor. It was displayed in Vancouver this week and is apparently heading across the boarder according to a CPTDB member who spotted the bus. Photo by: "ilikebuses"
  13. They're all retired. See: http://www.cptdb.ca/wiki/index.php?title=Go_transit#Current_roster You happen to see it's former number? It looks like 2024.
  14. The Toronto Rocket has entered service. Thursday (the 21st) was the first day. Toronto Transit Commission 5416 by apta_2050, on Flickr Stand Clear by Brendan Lynch, on Flickr
  15. Not true. Detroit Diesel reversed their decision. The DD13 is available on MCI and Van Hool coaches. GO Transit just recently took delivery of MCI D4500 coaches with Detroit engines.
  16. One thing is the EPA 2010 engine and systems.
  17. Brampton and Oakville Ontario just took delivery of their XD40s. Here are some photos: Brampton Transit 1101 by apta_2050, on Flickr IMG_0133 by ontariobus, on Flickr
  18. Sainte-Claire, QC, April 28, 2011 – The partnership between Greyhound and Prevost which began in 2007 continues with the signing of a new order for sixty-one (61) Prevost X3-45 motorcoaches. Prevost is proud that Greyhound has once again chosen Prevost as their primary coach supplier. The decision is based on Prevost’s commitment to premium quality and timely delivery. The buses have been designed with features and options that meet the demanding needs of Greyhound and their customers. Dann Wiltgen, Prevost Vice President of Corporate Accounts, comments, “The partnership between Greyhound and Prevost continues to expand beyond the traditional customer/supplier relationship. Going forward, I am confident our organizations will continue to share our expertise and synergies, maximizing our mutual success." Equipped with Volvo D13 EPA 2010 engines and Allison transmissions, the coaches will provide a clean, fuel-efficient drive train. In addition, the coaches are outfitted with features placing a priority on passenger safety and comfort. Prevost safety features include the Prevost Electronic Stability Program, the Beru Tire Pressure Monitoring System and the Automatic Fire Suppression System. The 50-seat coaches also boast dual 1800 watt inverters powering 110 volt outlets and Wi-Fi Internet access throughout the coach cabin for each passenger. Other highlights include an Aesys electronic destination sign and Prevost’s exclusive Swap & Plug wheelchair lift. “Our customers have complimented the smooth ride of the Prevost coach we currently have in service, as well as the amenities we provide for their enjoyment,” said Dave Leach, president and CEO, Greyhound Lines, Inc. “It is on our coaches where customers spend the majority of their time, so with the introduction of additional Prevost coaches to our fleet, we can continue to deliver a comfortable, safe and enjoyable ride for our customers.” Delivery of the first 35 X3-45 coaches is scheduled for May, June and July and the remaining 26 coaches will be delivered later in the year.
  19. http://www.cptdb.ca/wiki/index.php?title=Motor_Coach_Industries_D4500CTH GO Transit Short Line Monsey Trails Transport of Rockland also run the hybrid D4500
  20. The Prevosts will have new transit features such as bi-parting front door, transit style mirrors, and full width front desto. Prevost press release.
  21. On the LFS it is just for style. On Van Hools it houses the radiator. On the Xcelsior it covers the HVAC and/or batteries.
  22. Way to rip off someone else's work without giving them credit...
  23. There have already been two confirmed orders for this bus: FAX and Omnitrans. There are more photos of this prototype posted on the CPTDB. You might need to be a member to view them though.
  24. Does anyone know why the New Flyer logo on the front is covered?
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