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  1. Not really only one Queens route cracked the top 15 in ridership. I’ve took the heavy lines and it not like the M15 or B46 we’re talking all day not just rush hours were you expect a full bus.
  2. It was space related not maintenance XD do better with crush loads then the Nova because on the seat configuration.
  3. That was political the command CNG were not In poor shape Orion was cheaper. Only JG would have need CNG not that hard to do money talks thus Built NY. 8567 was not sold right away it ran for a few years.
  4. Brooklyn never wanted Orions I’m sure they would have preferd a RTS CNG.
  5. Since Flatbush is jumping ENY in the XD40 order for SBS makes sense to send the 73xx. When the 77xx come in ENY will get there new XD.
  6. Only line that can help the is the and not by much either. The problems lies with the not having many transfer points to uptown trains. I don't know why the is being look at as such a help nobody wants to go to Manhattan via 42, 53 OR 63 and I need to be on 14th st. You have the infrastructure to handle this situation there not using it correct or give service were it's really need. Even to Broadway junction is better then a beefed up nobody really wants or will try to avoid anyway.
  7. The smartest move would have been to send those 3 train from Canarsie as to broad. Canarsiein just wanna get to the city once seat that better then going through Bway Junction Utilize Fulton center to the max.
  8. Don’t know where these number come from but most of us don’t take the 82 to CI. The southern part gets its service from the Q not Canarsie. Going east is a little busier because people that don’t wanna take train threw Broadway junction from CI. I know for a fact this SBS is overkill for this route which barley sees riders after rush hour. Most people on Flatlands Pefer the B6 over the B82 90% of the time because it’s slow. the B17/B103 takes the other half of Canarsie only starrett really need the B82.
  9. Unionport is just storage for 180 not to mention the two yards you named have car washes.
  10. Won't happen ENY is to close I always thought about that.
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