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  1. Wow I was thinking about something very similar just last week. I am wondering why no one thought about this one. I'm thinking with today's modern technology it would be very cool to see a nice lit up colored screens in the dark tunnels. I think it would be great advertizment and it would bring in $$ for the MTA. You have plenty of tunnels where the trains don't go that fast and you have facing walls so you can read it. Let make some examples: "TARGET" Mention Special Promo code with this add only when you buy anything at the atlantic avenue store. "Did you know the train stops at the Zoo" etc.. Take this train to the rides at Coney Island. etc... Or some eye catching logos that you don't even need to read. Like Verizon, optimom, dell. Apple., movies, I think the ideas are endless. The tecnology is out there.
  2. Was riding home to Brooklyn on the last night and it was interesting to see a New chasing the from 47-50 to 42 etc.. like the V used to do from station to station. It was an R160 or 142 kinda confused with the 2. it looked pretty clean from the out side, did they wash these cars or are they still putting new ones on the line? Or are these the old M's ? by the way I was pretty mad a few weeks a go, I saw a R142 on the old M lne in Brooklyn with graffiti on the out side that was a real supries.
  3. Instead of destroying all the trains why don't they hall them to zoo's and other atraction areas thru out the city and park them there? where they would be safe at night. If they are afraid for saftey let them keep it chained in. Atlast for people to see how it looks from out side. I'm sure they could find some place in this big city for 2-3 of each so it could be rememberd.?
  4. Honestly I don't think the replys on yahoo are funy I think they are rude. Thats just how I feel. For some one that dose not live in a great city like we do, and have trains that can take them from point A to B they probably dont have a clue that for $2.25 you can enter the system and ride around all day or even live down there. Even if lets say that person come from England, a big city where they have trains, its not one price to every city and station, if you go futher you pay more. And I'm sure you have plenty of young students or even older people that might plan a trip to NYC for summer vacation. Maybe they never saw a subway system in thire life time.? so whats the big deal if some asks if a unlimted pass wil take them around town? I think its a good question.
  5. Hi, I figured this out a few years ago. So I was thinking why not share it with you just in case some one didn't relise. I'm not sure if the coolest seats are exactly in the middle of the subway car, but the end of the Car is for sure not. It can acctualy be very hot at the end of the car. if you look at the cieling in the middle right by the to side next to the advertisments and lights,you will see a long strip of duct, that were the in coming air come in. But that only go's until the last door after that the cieling get's lower and you see a big squre duct. Thats where the return is, the air go's out. So not only don't you not get A/C it pretty warm there. So when I need to get on a crowded train I usaly try to get in the middle door and get in between the seats so I can lift my head to the A/C and when the door opend in the Subway I don't get hit by a heat wave. B)
  6. Yeah that's right, come to think of it, it needs to announce all the new transfers to the . So they need to do it on every train on every line, plus all the signs in each car on the route layout. I saw the new maps all ready Yesterday in the morning. on the D train. A lot of maps to change out there.
  7. Who runs this site Hopstop.com ? Amazing how they have all the directions with the new trains allready. I put in a request and it gave me a transfer to the new instead of the . Great.
  8. I went in to the Station on 2nd Avenue and I think it was 53rd in Manhatan and they had the sign's on top of the stairs instead of the current . How much is this change over costing them? anyone know?
  9. That's right. And from all the people useing google just one guy from this site had to find it on a Sunday morning .
  10. So I am looking on google for driving directions to some where on my computer, and I decided to look at the pictures of the directons just playing around. You can hit the picture of the little camera next to the directions and see a picture of the location. And funny to see what I happend to see by the entrence to the GWB look What are the chance of finding something like this on google Isn't this amazing? http://maps.google.com/maps?f=d&source=s_d&saddr=600+Getty+Avenue,+Clifton,+NJ+07011-2161&daddr=Brooklyn,+New+York,+NY&hl=en&geocode=FZTsbwId1oiU-yldlf-hmf7CiTF6jMCEp84MMQ%3BFRBFbAId0JyX-ykJIXyUFkTCiTGGeAAEdFx2gg&gl=us&mra=ls&dirflg=t&sll=40.855695,-73.971376&sspn=0.02811,0.038795&ie=UTF8&ll=40.855695,-73.971376&spn=0.012724,0.038795&z=14&layer=c&cbll=40.855731,-73.971357&panoid=k1iZ7wREDbhQhg7CR1wR9g&cbp=11,128.16,,0,5
  11. I like the R68 and that's the one I happen to ride most. The reason? because of the front facing seats. I wish they would at least build one new train with front facing seats in the future if these trains go to rest. Are the other trains with the brown pannels the same model? they also have front facing seats? is it on the F? And one other thing about all the train cars in general. If you want to feel the A/C when it's turned on. Do not sit on the two ends of the car thats where the return is. And all the air is sucked out I think. The blowers are only in middle of the cars. The long strips right next to the advertisment.
  12. Thanks, it would be nice for me to see. It happens to be the year I was born.
  13. Was this posted all ready? http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/37176736/ns/local_news-new_york_ny/ready?
  14. Ok I know this might sound crazy to you, I have a question for years and no one could answer this one clearly so far. They claim how safe the subway tunnels are and that is why nothing happend down there all these years. But I just can't understand how all the fresh graffati is all over the place. And you can tell its fresh. And I can remember, right after they finished working on the bridge where the runs you had fresh Graffiti on the bridge beams. I mean oh my, how well secured is a bridge when guys have enofh time to spray up a whole bridge or do a whole big wall in a tunnel? Yes I see something, but who else see's it? Do I have to say something everytime I pass it? And the funny thing is, I never ever ever saw anyone spray graffiti have you? Oh, and this might sound funny. I saw something else. Right when you get of the bridge with the D train to Manhatan. There is a corner full of coffee cups, I'd say atleast 50 cups and they all look a like was wondering if it is the same person puting it there. I happend to be in the first car once and the TO tossed his cup out there as he passed. lol
  15. I guess so, I took a ride down there by car before with my son and we saw all the working trains from the 38 street. Next to the Bus depot.
  16. And I like those cars for one reason. I can sit facing forward.
  17. What would you Call 59th Street CC ((A)around 5PM on a workday? I guess that time of day plays a big role in this.
  18. I dont know if this was posted yet. But I thoght Ill share what I saw. I got in to the Station next Colombia University this week.I saw the sign wraped in bubble wrap It was off the ceiling right in the middle of the room not on the wall I hope know one breaks it.
  19. Well I geuss I should clarify my self. It's most trains "I" travel on. So I can't go to another car an I would If I could, I'd rather be safe then miss the show. A few moths ago I had two disturbed drunk ladies yelling and cursing at each other until one of them said something that ticked the other one off and they both got up and it got physical. They got on the train at Grand Street. If you ever took a ride with the train that short ride to Pacific Street can feel like for ever. I tried to dial 911 but it didnt go thru. All this time on the train no one to call. Finaly some one took action which I don't think I'd ever do. He got up and started yelling enofht cut it out. He got in the middle and they finaly did back off with out touching him and sat down but the cursing didnt stop. At Pacific they got off. And by the way I'm not saying pulling the cord is the solution. I just think with all the crazy things happening there should be a way to report things.
  20. They are doing some work on the 9th Avenue platforms. Its hard for me to figure it out from just passing by but it looks like they are reinforcing the lamp posts with cement. Not exactly sure. Not far from there, right when you come out from the Tunnel to the 9th Avenue station going towards Coney they rebuilt one of the over passes which I think wasnt used for many years, they acctualy built a new one to replace it. It seems like they have plans to put new track there and do something there anyone knows what? is there a train lot there all ready? I think the Bus Depot is some where in that area?
  21. So here go's the question again of "See some thing say something" HOW am I suposed to say something? Most cell phones don't work in the tunnels. And if I'm in the rear cars and the doors between cars are locked on most trains, now how am I supposed to get help if there is a fight or emerengecy etc... I think. I think the 142's have intercoms? right? but what about all the other trains?
  22. So is that why they now put the boards up on the active down town plaform to remove the stairs? That will make it harder for me to tansfer from the down town to the down town wont it? Now I just run to the stairs in middle of the D platform from the platform.
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