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  1. Anything new to report on the restoration of the Brooklyn F train express for April 2019.
  2. SI Express Bus Plan Out!

    Lets try to get the MTA to established a Midtown express route along the SM15 (X15) route on Staten Island, this is the only corridor that doesn't have Midtown service at all.

    To avoid having buses being parked along Merrick Blvd nights & weekends, the Q17 should be transferred to Casey Stengel Depot, there is a storage yard just east of this depot that can handle the Q17.
  4. The B32 bus should be extended to Grand Central Terminal via the Queens Midtown Tunnel during the L train shutdown, why hasn't anyone looked into this.
  5. SI Express Bus Plan Out!

    I think that there should be a midtown route along the X15 (SM15) route, I hope that Operations Planning looks into this before a decision is made by April. This new route would avoid riders walking to Hylan Blvd for Midtown service & reduce overcrowding on the Hylan Blvd Midtown express routes, avoids riders from transferring to & from another express route, the M55 & the subway to reach Midtown.
  6. SI Express Bus Plan Out!

    They can get some buses from the MTA Bus Co. until the 50 new over the road coaches are ordered.
  7. SI Express Bus Plan Out!

    Did anybody attended the first open house on Monday, March 12th?
  8. SI Express Bus Plan Out!

    So will the X23/24 routes finally be operated by NYC Transit instead of Academy.
  9. Here are my suggestions if Manhattanville Depot closes. The M15SBS would move to Tustukee Depot. The M31 would move back to Quill. The M2,M3,M4 would move to MCH. The M5,M10,M11,M96/106,M104 & M116 would move to Amsterdam.
  10. Will the G train use the R179 that were supposed to go to the C line?
  11. When these three shuttle buses operate when the L train shutdown, what depot(s) will they come out of?
  12. The M11 can move to Quill.
  13. I hope that the Brooklyn F train express plan is still on with the added G train service (if some don't terminate at Bedford/Nostrand Av)
  14. There is still room at Quill to move the M31 back there, so my opinion is move the M96/106 & M116 to 100th St Depot.
  15. If there is an article from the NY times on this, please add it on.


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