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  1. So did anyone go to the Staten Island Express Bus Hearing this past Monday, May 21? If anyone did, what were the public comments that were bought up at the meeting. Also, was anything said about when the Staten Island Local Bus Study will be released.
  2. Vtrain

    Plan To Restructure The NYC Bus System

    I hope that the LaGuardia Airport to Fordham Plaza via Webster Av & the RFK Bridge is being considered.
  3. Vtrain

    R32 Fleet Swap Discussion Thread

    That means NO more R32 on the J/Z lines.
  4. Why can't they terminate some additional M trains at Queens Plaza so some R trains don't get cutback on Queens Blvd, this would mean that riders that get on at Court Sq/23 St would have empiter trains with some G trains terminating at Queens Plaza. Also, what about LIRR Hunterspoint Av riders, they seem to miss this out, they are going to have to deal with the L train riders that are going to use the #7 train.
  5. Vtrain

    R179 Discussion Thread

    Well, at least some express trains running a 20 minute headway isn't a bad idea but a good idea & riders at local stops north of Church Av won't have to complain about losing that much local service.
  6. Vtrain

    R179 Discussion Thread

    I wasn't nagging & not answering my own question, I just wanted to know on how many express trains would operate with 3tph. Also, would those express trains be turned into V trains since there will be less express trains & more local F trains.
  7. Vtrain

    R179 Discussion Thread

    How many F express trains would operate with 3tph.
  8. Vtrain

    R179 Discussion Thread

    So it looks like half of the F trains will be running express in Brooklyn when the G train gets additional service when the L train shuts down in April 2019 but will only rune 3tph. When you mean 3tph, how many F trains will run express & how many hours of operations during peak periods will it operate.
  9. Vtrain

    R211 Discussion Thread

    Question, what series numbers are going to be assigned to the 440 R211 cars when they arrive, the R179 are in the 3000 series numbers.
  10. Vtrain

    R179 Discussion Thread

    If the G train gets 23 trainsets with a few terminating at Bedford/Nostrand Av& the remaining at Church Av, that means that half of the Brooklyn F trains would have to run express between Jay St & Church Av because the local tracks between Bergen St & Church Av will be way too crowded to handle more local trains & would cause delays especially with G trains terminating at Church Av.
  11. Anyone hear on when the public hearing will be held on Staten Island for the Express Bus Redesign.
  12. Vtrain

    Select Bus Service Discussion

    I hope that was all get the see that Q27 extension to Merrck Blvd, the B71 restoration & extension to Lower Manhattan & the Webster Av to LaGuardia Airport buses as part of this plan.
  13. Vtrain

    S89 Newark Airport Extension

    That seems to be a good idea of extending the S98 to Newark LIberty International Airport or some of the S48.
  14. Anything new to report on the restoration of the Brooklyn F train express for April 2019.
  15. Vtrain

    SI Express Bus Plan Out!

    Lets try to get the MTA to established a Midtown express route along the SM15 (X15) route on Staten Island, this is the only corridor that doesn't have Midtown service at all.


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