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  1. The depots I would chose if I were to become a B/O are: Grand Ave: because I like riding their routes, and their drivers are the most friendly. East New York:because it's the closest depot near where I live, and their drivers are brave enougth to drive through neighborhoods like Brownsville and East New York.
  2. Those back door announcement are so annoying every time I ride an NG on the B47.
  3. Anybody got the full updated roster? And what buses does Grand Avenue have?
  4. try standing on the corner of Ralph Av. and Flatlands Av.
  5. To Cait Sith, orange LED Luminators. To ciboii22, it is true. Tried taking a picture, but the bus toke off quickly.
  6. This may not really be bus move, but I saw RTS #9444 with orange lights running on the B47 this morning.
  7. Yea, Yea Happy Birthday

  8. Isn't that Armando's pizza by the ? I used to go there back when I was in high school. And I always love their philly cheesesteak slice.

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