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  1. Excuse the bump, I just want to point out that it is called the Camden line. Great pics in this thread!
  2. Great to see another Washingtonian on here!
  3. Oh I've always hated the brown, it screams '70s to me - I would like them to update the color scheme like they did with the red white and blue
  4. Then she definitely deserves the ticket. I have knee problems. I am frequently just fine walking, but trying to "surf" on a train is very difficult because all the weight shifting is in the knees. So what do I do? I ask for a seat. I have to, because I don't look disabled, and otherwise nobody would know. Is it polite to give up your seat when you see someone who needs it? Of course. Are you obligated to? Not if they don't ask.
  5. Indeed. Suicide is always a selfish act, too - the survivors suffer the most. And not to be callous, but messing with everybody's commute is not nice either.
  6. Would never have occurred to me to post graphic images! Here's the promised links: Mount Vernon Metro Station Reopens After Woman Rescued From Under Train Woman Struck by Metro Train (video) I have not heard anything on her updated condition, but the first article confirms that she jumped and did not fall.
  7. A woman jumped off the platform at Mt. Vernon Square today. First responders were able to extract her from under the train with critical injuries. No word on whether the injuries are life-threatening or if she will survive long-term. Will get links soon and update this post.
  8. I forget where it came from, but I stumbled across this blog post that had a review of the Metro here in DC. The relevant parts: I would really like to get feedback on this. I'm a DC native, 5 years younger than the metro here, so it's always been around. When I read this blog post, I was crushed. Is this really how outsiders see our subway? I admit, the very first time I rode the NYC subway, I was a little overwhelmed - but I wasn't horrified. I just...I can't believe this post. Seedy? Dirty? Suspicious?! This isn't my metro! (And yes, it's underground...it's a subway.) I've been afraid to say anything to the original writer of this, because I don't want to come off as obsessed or snarky. But I would really like to get feedback from others who are familiar with transit and who have been on the metro down here. Thanks!
  9. I really hope so. The new guy will either make it or break it.
  10. Etoile

    Newbie from DC

    Thanks all! Forest Glen, I noticed your username - and you're the only other person I've seen with the WMATA symbol as your avatar!
  11. Of course no one NEEDS to buy it. But people sometimes WANT to buy things. Really I was hoping for help from someone who knew about collector's items... Nobody NEEDS anything from the TransitMuseumStore.com website either, but they sell memorabilia too: http://www.transitmuseumstore.com/
  12. The yellow-on-blue color scheme was the first one, now it's blue-on-yellow. I believe it was around 1997 or so when the blue Metrocards were in use. Most were thrown away, so there is demand among collectors. They often go for far more than $15, which is why I am suspicious of this one.
  13. The same reason people collect anything, I guess. Nostalgia, fun, preservation, rarities...why do some people collect Precious Moments figurines?
  14. It didn't sell, which is very strange to me...there must be something fishy about it! It has been reposted though: http://item.ebay.com/220577673463
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