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  1. Again Im trying to get a definitive answer in this mystery from you seasoned Vets. This Happened earlier this mornin at 830AM "Due to a train with mech problems at boro hall, the following is in effect: Northbound 2 on the 5 Nevins-149/GC Northboud 3 Term At Barclays Ctr. Some SB 4/5 Term at Bowling Green Some SB 2/3 Term at TSQ,Chambers or Wall st So clearly the train in question is on the Northbound track at boro hall. Boro hall 2/3 are on seprate levels in this instance. Why On earth Is It Neccesary for SOUTHBOUND trains to be stopped like this???? Like what does the SB 4/5 track at boro hall physically have to do with the NB 2/3 track on an entirely diffrent level? Or am I trippin here??? Just seems like Overkill for a situation that will remedy itself in 20 mins or so. Sent from my iPhone using NYC Transit Forums mobile app
  2. Thanks for this Cuz I hadnt heard anything..Now u gotta ask why They cudnt Run service down the Exp track???..I understand it be a conga line into Grand Central. I Assumed there was a body on the tracks thus the need to free up space to clean it up..BUT this deceased person was on a STOPPED train inside of a station..Its the same as passing a normal train in the station..I dont how the rules work but this seemed unnessecary with this coming to light. Sent from my iPhone using NYC Transit Forums mobile app
  3. Got to 110/Lex and the "6" Southbound Are "delayed" due to a sick passenger at 33 street. After sittin there after 10 mins realizing Ima Be Uber late to work I get off and make my way to 96/2 For the "Q". Thing is It was Upgraded to an NYPD Investigation By time I made my way to Midtown. And they had the 4/5 Terminating in the Bronx. You wouldve thought they wouldve just said its an "Investigation" INSTEAD of sick passenger..From the beginning! Bigggg Diffrence bet the two Smh. Service resumed about 945am. Im Assuming some poor bastard jumped but can only speculate. I Just wished MTA wouldve just built the 2 Ave subway up to 125 st in One shot. We still dealing with in 2017 with ONE damn line on the Eastside of NYC. But of course as long as the rich folks get service (below 96) its screw the rest of us poor folk above 96. It will be 2050 before the "Q" reaches 125 Smh Sent from my iPhone using NYC Transit Forums mobile app
  4. Well how is that they manage to do it at Myrtle Avenue? Wats the diffrence 3/4 stations further up? And Flushing Ave is already skipped as is but I get it with the shuttle buses but it still seems like overkill..I would hate to have to get on at say Woodhaven blvd or Cypress hills and have to sit thru 15+ stops jus saying.. Sent from my iPhone using NYC Transit Forums mobile app
  5. Regarding this Temporary M service to the Jct due to the rehab project..One Cant help but wonder why Not give folks a faster way in/Out of the city..at least temporarily.. by running the J/Z Express From Bway Jct to Marcy Ave??? Does service really need 3 lines ALL Local? Seems like overkill..I would say at LEAST in the peak direction run J/Z Express..I could only imagine the congestion in rush hour..Its like havin the 1/2/3 or 4/5/6 all run local for no reason when u have the extra track(s). Acquiring Minds Wanna Know lol Sent from my iPhone using NYC Transit Forums mobile app
  6. I wanna kno how this works...Perfect example with the derailment at 125/st nich..then again with the 145 st track fire. They say the "B" and "C" are suspended for its ENTIRE route. My question is what happens to those Dozens of trains ALREADY in service? Like wat happens to the northbound B train that just left prospect Pk? Or the Northboud C train that just left 23 st?? Do they all just stop n stay? How do all these trains get "cleared" so to speak? Do they all get reversed and sent to their respected yards? Just always been curious about this especially since its been happening so much lately..I appreciate the Insight Sent from my iPhone using NYC Transit Forums mobile app
  7. When will the 6 line get its new cars back? I ride the 6 evryday and it doesent matter wat time I seem to get on 95% chance Ur gonna get an R62...The AC is sooo much better on the 142s and not to mention you can acually hear the announcement as to the 62..which is barlely audible at best. Damn that 7 swap out lol Sent from my iPhone using NYC Transit Forums mobile app
  8. Sad that just one or two people can kill a billion dollar badly needed project..This is why it will be another 10 yrs till it gets done Sent from my iPhone using NYC Transit Forums mobile app
  9. Im still mad wit this fat.... for pullin out of the new hudson river tunnels way back when ..Now look at the shitshow we have with penn station today..its singlehandedly his fualt..and lose some weight..thunder thighs on men aint a good look not to mention health also Sent from my iPhone using NYC Transit Forums mobile app
  10. Whatever cuased that BIE..It cudnt have happened at a worse spot..The southbound tracks dip down just north of those switches giving southbound trains good acceleration comin into 125..All of em come in doin at least 25-30 mph..Now They will put speed timers now slowing the lines down even further smh..glad no one was killed tho Sent from my iPhone using NYC Transit Forums mobile app
  11. Ok I see my rant was warranted lol..I kno they also Have the afternoon D exp skip 155, stop at 161,bypass 167, then switch back to the exp tk. As far as kids being able to see the games and the NBA Finals games dont start till 9pm and im sure kids still saw it so that argument seems a lil invalid. MTA should seriously consider looking into this issue. Sent from my iPhone using NYC Transit Forums mobile app
  12. Ima yankee fan vs mets BUT why on earth do they schedule those games during the rush hours? I think those are 7:05pm games but obviously people start headin out at the height of rush hour. Ive seen PACKED out 4 and D trains with nothin but freakin fans and they stand out clear as day like the undercover cops with all that yankee gear. You got thousands of regular people tryin to get home and then you add thousands more just for leisure??? Dosent make sense!!! Schedule them games for 12pm or 8pm and the Weekends. Im sure the 7 prolly goes thru the same thing. Am I the only one that feels like this? Sent from my iPhone using NYC Transit Forums mobile app
  13. Ive notice in the app I have "itransnyc" when something happens they have been more direct with whats actually happen..ie "due to hanging wires at morris pk..northbound 5s express 180-dyre" I was like oh really! Hope they announce this to the passengers tho Sent from my iPhone using NYC Transit Forums mobile app
  14. This afternoon I had to pay a visit to my former neighborhood of wakefield in particular 225 st to visit an ailing family member..shes ok thank God...Anyway I figured I catch the Neried 5 from 59/Lex since I get off at 5pm...I check my App which is in live time and its eastchester 5s only...smh..fine...I get on the Dyre ave 5... And I say this next part with the UTMOST RESPECT...It was a female driver..I knew Immeadiately it was gonna be a slow run...and sadly I was correct...Here me out...I had just missed what i assumed was a 5 ..but cuda been a 4...the next train was a 4 to woodlawn..4 mins out...it came n went..next up..5 to Dyre...6 FULL minutes behind the 4...She pulled in slow AF Lol...It literally felt like it was her first day on the job...Granted operating at rush hour is no picnic as I hope to be a Motorman one day God Willing (Gotta 96 on Co Las may) But damn!!! We finally get past jackson ave...mind u the previous 5 woudve been past 180th by now if not further...Again i Lived on 225/WPR for almost 3 years..I know the "fast and slow parts" if you will...It seemed as if she was scared to trip lol...But it was painful...My point is vindicated here... FINALLY we reach E 180...Then the following announcement "Ladies n gentlemen next stop is Pelham Pkway Then Dyre Ave" ....EXACTLY...I knew she was too damn slow...Im not making this up lol..I wud like to assume that transit puts there most seasoned drivers on at rush hour..but guess they gotta start somehwere but this was Bad LOL..Again Much respect to ALL Train operators in the greatest city in the world NYC!!!
  15. Brooklyn Just hit the nail on the head with his statements..I would just like to add in about the SBS..Its nice but completely separated lanes blocked in would streamline so well..that M60 bus was a complete and utter waste of money Sent from my iPhone using NYC Transit Forums mobile app
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