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  1. I had a weird dream overnight (among other things lol). I saw two MTA Bus OG's (One of them being #3611) & the third bus was an old TMC RTS #8374. By the I saw that bus the nostagia came back to me. Reminds me of how I'll miss the old guard. *sighs* Also I gotta admit it was kinda weird to see Bus equipment around my hood although BP's Buses aren't uncommon being around.
  2. I know there's relief's that occur near the JAM Depot for the Q4, Q5, Q84, Q85 after the driver's shift ends and I believe it still happens. But yeah, reliefs are B/O's whom come in whenever a B/O (that had already been on the road prior) concludes his/her run as assigned. This usually happens near or just not too far off from the respective depot (AFAIK) thus making it easier for relief to take over the position.
  3. No, because it's the 690+ bus order that will axe the '96's NovaBus RTS. So why re-number buses that would already be retired when they're numbers would already be free by the time new bus the order is already mid-way done?
  4. There goes the possiblity of 1290+ for the second batch of the LFSA's. Way to express your intelligence . Wait a Minute...They were never that intelligent in the first place!
  5. 1. The retired one too many buses simultaneously causing a shortage in the reserve fleet. Including a good amount of buses going for rehabs & whatnot. 2. It appeared that the increase of service was needed at the time with the sudden increase of ridership. Everything else is pretty much in this thread: http://www.nyctransitforums.com/forums/topic/2885-bus-shortage-affecting-service/
  6. Nice trip on the Q30 as I type this. Apparently the bus is basically stuck on delay among the others around. The hill going down Hillside Av is too slippery to go down. Looks like I have to walk. Not that it's a complete b**** to as I'm a walker myself but still in this weather...
  7. I heard an Q83 & possibly a Q3 running in my hood. Sounds like on a midnight schedule however as I heard one bus from each line.
  8. Last Year on Parent/Tacher Conference. A group of Kids boarded the bus (from the worst section in my school). As they got off something happened involving taunting/threating gestures with friends whom were also on the bus with me. The irony was that the cops were diagonally across the street from where the bus was...Tsk, Tsk, Tsk. Anyhoo, I never got to understand how it started but I knew it was serious.
  9. A Junkie threatened to slap the Sh*t outta my mom for looking at him (Though I doubt she intended to). This happened on my birthday of last year on the Line (Inside the last car ). Luckily she went after him after we got off the train & ran up the station stairs like pu*sy afterwards...Two words...Never Again. That moment freaked me the hell out although I prepared to brance myself as ready in case if some bad sh*t was about to get real.
  10. Nill. The 3G was already reliquished from the program. Plus Orion basically already Shut Down their operations. Additionally I doubt they even have the finances to make a return at all.
  11. Queens Village: It's my home depot. My home line (Q83) is operated by it. Routes like the Q43, Q46 & Q88 are ones I would like to do. Still has a good amount of RTS's there as they're still the workhorse of the depot. Jamaica: 2nd home depot. I know more than half their routes (Q5, Q17, Q30, Q85) as I choose to operate on them (mainly Middays or Weekends) like to avoid the bulk of kids whenever I could. Michael J. Quill: Well, it'd give me a reason to work in Manhattan . I like to operate the RTS's there on routes like the M42, M66/72 & other routes that don't often see them. 126st: (See Quill for common first & second reason). Admire the SBS LFS they have & would be interested to operate to M15+SBS. Flatbush: I'd like to operate their busiest routes B41, B44, & B46. College Point: About half their routes IMO are intriguing. The Q25 & Q34 passes by my old J.H.S. (like to run & reminiscence old memories) Casey Stengel: The Orion V's 'tis all...
  12. Unfortunately, I was a Victim of this too. The Train I was on took 20 minutes to WTC waiting at each stop every 5-10 minutes starting at 23rd Street. Luckily it better by Canal St. I have to assume that was another train (Likely the C) before us because the train traffic announcement went off a few times. Things were slug on 8th Avenue (at least on my end). At least it ended when it did thankfully.
  13. Unless it was tranferred overnight no. I rode #9382 yesterday evening on the Q83 LTD.
  14. Q3: Buses during the Rush Hours bunch/infrequent & w/crowding issues as a result (obviously). B/O's seem to slug down the route at long distances (except midnights.) Q20A/B & Q44: The Bulk of John Bowne kids enough said... Q30: A fair share of out of control schoolkids in the system (alongside Q31 & others.) Also Bunches to the point where passenegers (including me) have to wait for like 6-8 buses to board on. Q46: At times late or missing runs when you least need it to be. Bunching problems of it's own (Don't have to go over it again.) Every once in a while there's a certain moron who can't tell a LTD from a local & gets aggy when their local stop is missed (happened months ago on the Limited.)
  15. Rode #8764 moments ago. On another note I have to ask. Did they (QV) change the logos on any of their recently given LFS. Because I saw one this morning w/UP stickers.
  16. They going to need the buses especially with the school year on. Besides they're being given a 1-2 year OH so they still have some life in them.
  17. NovaBus RTS #8756 is officially now at QV. Just saw it on the Q46.
  18. Although such an event happened very rarely with me I definitely get ticked off whenever a bus skips my stop. It's like they're playing Deaf or some ****. I acually saw this happen with other passegers a few times before. For example I believe it's attributed to the fact that the B/O drives too fast when aproaching the requested stop & think "F*** it, I'm going to drop the off at the stop after" so that they wouldn't have to slam on the brakes (no I'm not talking about when the Bus is approaching the block where the requested stop is located at, but like two blocks far.) Either way there's no real excuse for it especially when one (Most Specifically an elder or one that has to carry bag of some items) has to walk more blocks then they have to.
  19. QV can be named as another Top-Notch depot. Their RTS's ride in a mature nature & despite the A/C issues with the fleet over the past couple of years the RTS otherwise are very well maintained. Trust me when I sat that it's rare to see their buses broken down on street. Their Hybrids are in better shape then they were in the past. A good amount of the NBQP Fleet ride like as of they were delivered yesterday. As mentioned Quill is another very top notch maintenance depot. Good enough that some of their RTS didn't need an GOH as a good amount of them sound very fresh. Their NG' aren't as bumpy as some others around the system nor have I seen them backfire as I have seen with other NG's.
  20. From past Experenices of riding the Q76 on Weekends, I have to agree that it might be a little to much service (unless in the case of a drastic ridership increase was to occur.) Pre-2010 the bus would literally only carry 8-10 people on it's trip, then past halfway of the route it would be basically empty (With the exception of me of course). Still, I agree to wait & see what happens as a result of this recent weekend restoration to see if anything changed.
  21. Yes, I do, but I also hate it when people take their time sweet time boarding off after me (4-5 seconds-unless it's an elderly person). I'm not going hold the damn door for your sluggish ass that long & be partially responsible for holding up the bus. This has happened to me twice & those that it happened to had the gall to b**** about it while it's their fault for the door slamming in their face. SMFH.
  22. I've been wondering this for months now. Where is #9631? According to the rosters here & w/o seeing it around it appears to have gone missing for months. It hasn't been on the QV roster for some time now.
  23. I agree as well, but I believe they renumbered them to make them closer with the XD40's (4810-4899).

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