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  1. As a maintainer at College Point, I'll tell you who's to blame for that wheel flying off like that. The MTA . It was their directive not to service the tag wheel bearings during a brake job ( to save time). These buses were running around like that for FIVE YEARS! It had to take a near fatal accident to do all the MCI's in the fleet. Let' see how the MTA deals with future bonehead directives.
  2. You think the buses are bad now, just wait, they cut the overtime ( in maintenance) to zero in all of MTA BUS. You wouldn't believe the unsafe conditions they're sending out on the road. If it rolls, it goes out.
  3. Some of you people put the MTA on a pedestal, saying the former Private Lines are better off being run by them. What bull....! I'm with College Point for 32yrs and have seen the MTA run it into the ground the past 2yrs. When it was the Privates, management and union worked side by side to get things done. The MTA has the mentality that it's LARGE AND IN CHARGE, treating it's employees like dirt( at least at College Point) and creating a hostile environment. Can't wait to get the F.. out of that dysfunctional depot in 3yrs.
  4. oooh you work at CP?

  5. Don't know, who are you

  6. I really feel for you B/O's. The MTA really has our hands tied ( the maintainers) the Liberty seat is just one example. I agree it's a piece of crap. But they are not buying new seats to replace broken ones, instead they have us put in used ones from junked buses, sometimes worse than the ones we're replacing. I can't f.... believe it sometimes but this is what's going on. They just don't give a shit about you.
  7. The PBL's kept buses on the road on a shoestring budget throughout the years, need I mention that it was us who kept the Grummans on the road in the 80's while the MTA pulled them out of service because they deemed them to be too high maintenance.
  8. Is this who I think it is???

  9. Send a road-op guy up there, they do alot of the repairs on the road anyway.
  10. The Grumman--- they made us (maintainers) a lot of money in the 80's
  11. As far as I know, the mechanics sent to ENY from MTA Bus will be going back to their respective depots. An emergency pick is going to have to be in place before the 15th to accommodate these guys. They (management) are going to have to bring back at least 1 pick that was eliminated,HSO. They implemented HSO at ENY to handle all of MTA BUS ( don't know how they expected that) especially ENY not taken CNG buses into the facility with fuel in them.The union deemed it a safety hazard and demanded they be defueled and towed there. That must have been a real kick in the ass for management.
  12. Detroit Diesels Series 92 hands down. Don't know why they discontinued this workhorse in transit applications. Was a great motor that got good mileage before overhauls.
  13. I see it every day at CP. Management forcing drivers to take out unsafe buses. It's either take it out or you're out of service. They rule through fear and intimidation. What B.S.
  14. Can someone explain why MTA is holding back the raises and retro money from MTA BUS.
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