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  1. If a MTA, TA, OA , B/O lives in New Jersey they also need a medical certificate
  2. Don't take the posts for gospel think for yourself, what was good for one may not be good for you. The instructors are not your friends they make it tough because it is tough job. If you can take their abuse you might be able to take the abuse from the public because you have to bite your tongue sometimes so not to say something stupid to a customer, say the wrong thing and it's out the door.
  3. Stop reading these posts they are not helping anyone. Just listen to the instructors follow their instructions and hope you do well enough to pass.
  4. Wait until you pull into a stop with 30 or 40 pe ople waiting to get on who say they have been waiting 45 minutes and your bus is loaded. That when you will see the people at there worst. The instructors are nothing compared to that. Believe me I know of what I speaking about. I did it for 25 years.
  5. Do exactly as they tell you. Forget everything you think you know about driving. You have to drive the MTA way or out the door.
  6. They might not be new hires, they most likley are veteran operators there for the yearly retraining or 19A test.
  7. I believe you need 3 years in title to be promoted.
  8. FH , the TA operates buses in Brooklyn, Queens, and Staten Island.
  9. OK If you live in New Jersey and drive for the MTA Nyct or Mabstoa you will need the DOT Medical certificate I know from experience. this a link to the Certified medical examiners.National Registry of medical Examiers
  10. I would take the C/R job first then take the promotion test for T/O. If you are already in the system and you don't like T/O or flunk training you just go back to your former title C/R. No harm no foul.
  11. Used to be open to B/O's I took it in the early 90's.
  12. It depends what his A1C is, and if he is using injectable insulin. If using injectable insulin they wont let you operate anything.
  13. Not true. I've dipped my pass many times it still works fine.
  14. Don't wear jeans. Dark blue or black pants will be fine.
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