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  1. Most likely. I’m 17xx and the last time I did P/E was December 3
  2. IIRC they restart the list because they screwed up on one of the tests. Last I remember. Don’t take my word for it though
  3. I think the 1900’s was before they reestablished the list due to that error. So everything got reseted
  4. If they bring back the TOMM they need to bring the Slants out
  5. Quick question. So I’m moving this week and just want to double check if I have to go to both 180 and DCAS to change my address?
  6. I would go in person and apply. 1515 Jefferson St, Hoboken, NJ 07030
  7. Academy will hire you with a permit and train you to get your CDL
  8. Thank you guys. I was having a hard time finding it today but I finally found it. Appreciate it
  9. This may have been answered already but for some reason I can’t find it. For those who already did P/E, do they check to see if you have your High School Diploma?
  10. If you can’t have patience now, then this job is NOT for you all together... We are all here to ask as many questions as possible so that we don’t have to worry and have hope for one another. If you are impatient and bitchy about this whole ideal then this job is not for you and go find something else.
  11. Have you looked up your name on DCAS to see if you’re actually on the list? If not, use this link to search https://data.cityofnewyork.us/widgets/vx8i-nprf
  12. I got a 91 as well. You’ll definitely get in. Trust me
  13. The list starting from 0 makes sense people. Now everyone knows their score and have a official answer. People who took that test that MTA miscalculated deserve where they stand. It wasn’t their fault. Hell maybe someone got a 95 when reality they got a 100 when they fixed it. They deserved it. They It’s frustrating yes, but it all comes with patience. Plus, whoever is in school car now they are most likely going to skip over because they are already in. So think about it as they are going to start where they left off
  14. To add, I’ve heard a couple of promotional’s (I.E B/O to T/O), are going back to where they were before. Many don’t like it and many don’t want to lose their seniority. So you never really know when they will call you. Everyone going back and forth
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