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  1. All the 6500’s from LGA have been scrapped for weeks now
  2. Well what do you expect for buses that are 18 years old
  3. 2209. Still in the city as we speak. Definitely a tow job. They’ll fix it unless it’s something major wrong with it. CP has been keeping those Detroit’s in tip top shape. A lot of them had engine work redone
  4. They already have 2185 and 1502 As museum buses. It’ll go to scrap
  5. They will recertify you like DCAS has been doing. If you search your name on DCAS your name will probably come up like 5-6 times because they kept recertifying
  6. negative. it went back to Secaucus. It was only there to be showcased to management
  7. The whole point of the B99 is to run parallel along the 2 line to 59 Street
  8. B1 goes all artic starting Sunday. Moves are already in place. 4760 and 4777 to Ulmer Park

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