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  1. First of all, welcome to the Forums! Just so we are on the same page, you have e-mailed them and followed the instructions in this post, correct? I have also reinstated my name to several lists via the e-mail address in this particular post and, from my experience, they usually do not send you a reply. Instead, they will mail you a receipt within a few weeks indicating that your name has been restored to the list. One Centre Street in Lower Manhattan is open to employees and to normal day-to-day business, however, from what I read, it is closed to guests and visitors. Therefore, if you want to talk to somebody over the phone about this, I would call (212) 669 1357 at 9 AM sharp, Monday to Friday, with the exception of Labor Day, Columbus Day, etc. Hopefully at that time, you will be able to get someone on the phone, who will transfer you to the List Certification Unit and you can ask them about what your status is in restoring your name to this list. Good luck!!
  2. Good for you!! I understand where you are coming from, however if you look at this page of the NYC Open Data website, and if you look at the last page of the TA Bus Operator 4600, 7612 and 9604 threads, how come there has been very little to no movement, especially with other members talking about submitting pre-employment paperwork, reporting for a drug (urine) test, etc.? I agree it doesn't make sense, however we'll see what happens as time progresses. Just keep in mind that, from my personal experiences on the 5th Floor of 180 Livingston Street, if not all, most of the employees on that particular floor "don't work too hard."
  3. $91.00? Last time I requested it, I had to pay $110.00. I'm glad they lowered the price. If you filled in the information to the best of your memory, that should do. Depending on how the timing works out, if they make you re-do your paperwork, since your original pre-employment paperwork is good for 90 calendar days, hopefully you'll have your printout by then and you'll be more accurate the second time around. This means that the hiring agency, in this case the Human Resources office of the New York City Transit Authority, has your information, such as your name, mailing address, e-mail address, etc. Depending on how many people send back their pre-employment paperwork, and how fast they move with the list, in addition to your list number, will depend upon whether they will reach out to you or not. My particular list number for this exam is in the 4700's, so they have a while before they reach out to me. If no one else posts a concrete answer to this question, all I'm going to say is "take an educated guess and go with it." Between the economic situation that most of us are in, including the MTA, in addition to the pandemic, who knows what's going to happen in the foreseeable future.
  4. They need it back to when you left high school. Why this is - I don't know. The good news is that, under normal circumstances, you can go to your local Social Security office and get a printout of your jobs from when you graduated high school. However, since we are still in this 'pandemic' for who knows how much longer, I would advise you to get in contact with them in one way or another and find out how you can obtain this invaluable information. Maybe in person via an appointment? Maybe online? Maybe they can mail it to you? Good luck!
  5. Thanks! And don't forget about the handouts and, for those who have a Commercial Learner's Permit (CLP), the DMV CDL Road Test, especially the videos that can be found in this post. Stay safe and healthy!!
  6. One time when I went down to 180 Livingston Street, I wore black jeans with a yellow polo collared shirt and either sneakers or boots and nobody said anything to me. By the time they send you to Zerega, you will be given instructions on what to wear as a 'temporary' uniform, so you won't have to worry about "dressing well" when the time comes.
  7. First of all, welcome to the Forums! You're not the only one who is really worried about the memorization portion. A lot of people 'screw up' on this portion in one way or another. When you take the exam, what's going to happen is they're going to initially give you a picture to memorize for 10 minutes in the form of a single-page booklet. This picture usually consists of a single bus route, which is usually fictional and very basic. At the end of these 10 minutes, the 'memorization' booklets will be collected and the examination booklets will be distributed, in which the test taker will have to answer some questions based off of the picture that you were supposed to memorize for those 10 minutes. The amount of questions can vary from 6 questions to 10 questions, depending on what else is on the examination and the total number of questions. Therefore, in lieu of studying the bus routes of the boroughs, you can start preparing for the exam by looking at this NYPD Test Prep Kit. If you look at pages four through seven of the PDF document, you will see that you will have to memorize a fictional picture for five minutes, followed by answering 12 questions afterwards. I also sent you a Private Message (PM) as well. Therefore, if you need more practice for the memorization section, send me a reply and we'll take it from there.
  8. First of all, welcome to the website! Second, as far as posting the "absolute hiring freeze" image, your welcome! My list number for this particular exam is in the 4,700's, so it'll be a while before they get to me for this particular title. If you do not hear back from the HR Department in regards to your paperwork, consider that a 'good' thing since there were no problems with your pre-employment paperwork. As far as a timeline is concerned, I do not have a concrete answer in regards to this. As you can see by the attached document to this post, you need to have an appointment to enter 180 Livingston Street. Even if you look at this webpage, the Exam Information Center located in the lobby is even closed. If I had to take an educated guess in regards to the timeline, I would say sometime within the next couple of months you should hear something. The pre-employment paperwork is good for 90 calendar days. After this time frame, they will make you re-do your pre-employment paperwork over again. If you saved your paperwork on your desktop, laptop, etc., you should just have to change a few things and then simply re-submit it. My suggestion is to save a 'back-up' copy in the event something 'crashes' at the last minute. Even if you send an e-mail to yourself with your paperwork as an attachment, it should suffice. The reason why I do not have a concrete answer in regards to the timeline is because of the COVID-19 situation. As you know, the number of cases in the majority of the other states are going up. And this thread and/or topic is not the place to talk about politics, which, as a Senior Moderator, I do not want to start on this site. Stay safe and healthy!!
  9. If you check out the **Active Civil Service List webpage** of the NYC Open Data website, the list for Exam # 4700 has 1,165 candidates. Next, according to this webpage, "All eligible lists which were originally scheduled to terminate between March 16, 2020 and December 31, 2020 will be extended by one year." Therefore, it will be a while before they are finished with Exam # 4700. **If you need help and/or instructions for the Active Civil Service List webpage, this is what you need to do: 1) Type "4700" into the search box located on the top right hand side of the webpage. 2) Press "Enter" on your keyboard. Note that the webpage does not change automatically. 3) Put the list numbers, which is the second column from the left in descending order. 4) If you scroll down, you will see that the highest list number for this exam is 1,165. If you scroll to the right, you will also see that the list was supposed to expire on November 12th, 2020.
  10. As far as the first question is concerned, click here for more information. Just note that for MaBSTOA (or 'OA'), you are limited to depots in the Bronx, Brooklyn and Manhattan, not Queens nor Staten Island. As far as the second question is concerned, not everyone will pass the 10-Day Bus Operator Training Session (click here for more information). Therefore, when you go for final processing, they are going to suggest that you take a 'leave of absence' or 'vacation' or something to that nature. This way, in the event you do not pass the 10-Day Bus Operator Training Session, you can go back to your job without burning any bridges. Meanwhile, for those of who are waiting for either a drug (urine) test, physical, fingerprinting, final processing, etc., have you looked at the handouts? Other members have testified that these have came in 'very handy' during the 10-day training session. In addition, for those of you who might have questions about what the 'physical' contains, click here. I know this is a little 'out-dated,' however it is something better than nothing. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask. However, the more specific you are, the better it will be. Good luck! Stay safe and healthy!!
  11. You're welcome as far as the "heads up." The HR Department would not allow you to continue with the N2 restriction. Therefore, you would have to go back to the DMV to get the Class B CLP (Commercial Learner's Permit). The good news though, at least for you, @MTAHopeful25, is that at one point in my life, I was in the same situation as you! Therefore, if you want to just get the Class B CLP, you do not need to take any more exams, you would just need to pay the fee at that should be it. However, have you considered getting the School Bus endorsement as well? The reason why I ask is because, later on in life, if you want to be able to drive a School Bus, you would have to take another road test in a 'big' bus equipped with Air Brakes just to get this endorsement. Any job with the City is worth it! With the fact that you get a pension from NYCERS, in addition to the fact that once your probationary year is over, you can take promotional exams for other titles that pay better such as Train Operator, Dispatcher, etc. And I know a lot of other companies out there don't offer a pension at all. If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to ask.
  12. To my knowledge, 180 Livingston Street did re-open this past Monday, July 27th. Even if you look at this post, someone was able to take a drug test yesterday (July 28th) for the Bus Operator position. Therefore, I would give them a phone call (347-643-8229/8230/8231/3232) and take it from there. Just note that the employees of the HR Department "don't work too hard" on a regular basis.
  13. This "pre-interview" sounds like a new thing, Whatever it entails, good luck and please keep us posted!!
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