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  1. Thank you for the update. However, at the same time, as per the guidelines, if we can stay on-topic, it would be appreciated. Thank you.
  2. Apparently that's not the case since this is now affecting other depots, including Casey Stengel...
  3. Now it makes sense why the attached "Delays" are posted on the MTA website...I love what they say as well - "...while our employees take important precautions against COVID-19."
  4. You're welcome. I wish I had better news, however, despite the epidemic, it makes sense, especially since they get 'healthy' crowds on a regular basis.
  5. Not really, however, if you listen to Ms. Rivera's answering machine, in which her phone number can be obtained here, she does mention that herself and the Human Resources staff would not be in until March 30th, 2020 because of the epidemic. Now whether this is true or not for folks that are either outsiders of NYC Transit, or for those who already work for the agency - to be honest with you, I have the slightest clue. Good luck!!
  6. Offhand, have you looked at the handouts? It has helped other people... Good luck!!
  7. This will be very interesting as time progresses...
  8. I hear ya. Fortunately, I took both CDL road tests in April of 2014 and August of 2015, and, from looking at the recent pre-trip videos, I would probably feel the exact same way. Again, congratulations!
  9. First, congrats! How do you feel? Second, to answer your question, I would encourage you to check out this and this Indeed posting. And yes, from looking at the pictures of the Hudson Link bus up close, both of them are run by TransDev. Good luck!!
  10. First of all, welcome to the site! Second, according to the Civil Service List Certification page of the NYC Open Data website, as of this typing, no one from this list has been called. Once they do, you should be able to see it on the page. For now, you can type "Track Worker" into the search box on the top right hand side of the screen, followed by pressing "enter" on your keyboard. Once they start calling people from this list, you can also type in the exam number as "08600" instead of "Track Worker." And, according to the recording on Ms. Rivera's answering machine, in which you can obtain the phone number here, the folks at 180 Livingston Street will not be there until March 30th, 2020. However, I have a "gut" feeling that, despite the circumstances, this will get extended until who knows when. Stay safe and healthy everyone!!
  11. An announcement regarding this postponement has been made on this MTA webpage.
  12. First of all, feel better! Second, as far as how long you have to wait before you can go down to DCAS, technically this particular list expires in October of 2022. Therefore, you have another 2 1/2 years before you will not be able to restore your name to the list. Personally, providing you're able to get around and do things independently, I would look to go down as soon as you can. As we all know, it takes time for the agency to request a list, or "batch" of names from DCAS, followed by inviting you down for pre-employment, including the drug test, followed by the physical, followed by the time they finally send you to Zerega. In addition, you are aware that, instead of going down to DCAS, you can simply e-mail them, right? If not, click here and here for instructions. Others may argue that it is best to go down in-person, however the option is entirely up to you. As a friendly reminder to everyone, your list number for this exam is in the 1700's, right? Again, feel better!!
  13. You can still attend, however as soon as they run your abstract and find out that you do not have the permit nor the CDL, they will turn you away and tell you to come back when you have the permit. By the way, can you please share your exam number and list number? When sharing your list number, make sure to hide the last digit or two in order to hide your identity. Thanks!!
  14. Me too, and it states the following: This is New York City Transit, informing you that the exam for Transit Cust Service Spec, Exam Number 0611, has been postponed until further notice. You should receive another notice with an update on the status of the exam when the new test date is determined. We apologize for any inconvenience. NYCT Exam Administration Unit
  15. You're welcome and, as of now, I did not hear of any new examinations that are out which are similar to this.
  16. I also got my letter as well to take it at 2 PM on the same day. As far as materials to study, from briefly looking the Notice of Examination (NOE), which you can find in the first post, I would recommend this and this NYPD Test Preparation Kits except for the memorization portion. Both test preparation kits give a small preview of most of the things that are listed on the Notice of Examination. In addition, from taking several civil service examinations, I would not recommend purchasing any of those "passbooks" since the material contained in these books are out of date. Now if you can get a "passbook" from your local library for free, then whether you use it or not is up to you.
  17. In addition to the Passenger Endorsement, I would personally recommend obtaining the School Bus Endorsement as well. This way, if you eventually decide that you want to drive a School Bus, you would not have to take a second road test in the same vehicle for this particular endorsement. If you need help getting your Commercial Learner's Permit (CLP), I would recommend checking out cristcdl.com. Remember, the multiple choice exams that you need to take and pass at minimum are General Knowledge, Air Brakes and Passenger Endorsement. If you want to go ahead and take the School Bus Endorsement, I would recommend it, however it is not necessary for TA purposes.
  18. Fill out this and this form, and then send both forms to NYC Transit and DCAS, respectively. Good luck!!
  19. Since I have a Class A CDL, in which I took a road test in a tractor-trailer and a bus, I don't mind filling you in. As per this DMV document, you need a Class A CDL to drive a tractor-trailer, such as the vehicle that can be seen in this, this, this, this, this, this, and this image. You need a Class B CDL to drive a "single unit or truck," which can be seen here. Therefore, like it was previously stated, it depends on the specific position. If the position calls for a CDL, whether it is a Class A or B, it will say it on the "pick sheets," along with what endorsements you need as well. The good news though is, once you pass the road test in either the tractor-trailer and/or the bus or straight truck, if you decide to get an endorsement or two, such as "Hazmat," "Tow Truck," etc., you do not need to take another road test.
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