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  1. Definitely!! The reason why is because, once the exam is administered, it'll probably take them at least a year to 18 months to publish the list, which they call people off of. Once they publish the list, which is good for four [4] years, they call people in order. If they call you too soon, in which the suspension would still be on your abstract, since they do look at it for the past three years, you can always restore your name to the list. Once you do, your list number will remain the same, in which you'll probably have first priority depending upon the situation that's going on at that time.
  2. It all depends on the hiring needs and who shows up and who doesn't show up at 180 Livingston Street. Only time will tell...
  3. My list number is in the 2300's. Don't feel bad, you're not the only one.
  4. It doesn't take that long, you just have to go to DMV and take a some multiple choice exams for General Knowledge, Passenger and Air Brake. It would be recommended to take the School Bus exam as well. This way, later on in your life, if you want to drive a school bus, you don't have to take a second road test in the same vehicle just for another endorsement. If you need help studying, click here and look for the "practice tests" on the top left of the page. As far as whether you want to do it now - that's up to you. Some people have managed to qualify on Day 7 with a Learner's Permit followed by passing the road test afterwards. Other folks, like me, already have the CDL and are not only currently employed as a Bus Driver/Operator in some capacity, but are also getting invaluable experience. Click here for a 'few' job opportunities. Just note that once you get the permit, it's good for 6 months. For more information for New York State residents, click here. Therefore, it's up to you...
  5. Yeah, the NYCTA exam is going to be administered in a couple of weeks. As far as when the next one, it's probably not going to be for a while. You would find all of the information on this page. However, the trick is to get in. Once you're in, the transfer from MTA Bus to NYCTA is not that hard. Good luck!!
  6. That's correct. That's why the fourth page of the Notice of Examination states that if you successfully took the BOSS for another examination, you don't have to take it again for this examination, since it's the same exam. As far as some sample questions, click here. Keep in mind, that, just like during the 10-day training session, tell them what they want to hear. As @msmcmillan said in the prior post, you won't be able to. If you click here and here, you'll be able to view what's MTA Bus Company, which is what you applied for, and what is NYCTA.
  7. You can actually use this thread. A lot of the information is the same as the prior exam, plus this thread only contains 11 pages from the prior exam. Good luck!!
  8. It's not that, they're just trying to minimize the amount of turnovers that company has. This company might be hiring part-timers since the Queens College Shuttle only runs Monday - Thursday for the upcoming summer sessions, which run until the middle of August.
  9. You can go down to the lobby of 180 Livingston Street to request a duplicate in person. If you're unable to, when you go to take the test, inform the security guard that you lost or 'misplaced' your admission letter. He/she will let you into the lobby to request a duplicate from NYC Transit personnel. Then you can show them the original and see if it's valid. If not, they'll give you a duplicate letter right there and then. You're not the only one. Things happen, and, after the list gets published and eventually expires, it's not going to matter.
  10. They're always hiring...call 212-832-4583 and talk to "Cy" for more information.
  11. First, congrats on passing! Second, although I'm not an MTA employee, I can tell you this: This page has some of the information between the routes and the specific equipment they use. In addition, if you click here, and find the specific route, the last page of the schedule shows the layout of the route. I believe line training is for four weeks, however this is based on what I read from this site. Until one of the members who works for the MTA as a Bus Operator posts something, I believe these two links are a good starting point for you. Good luck and congrats!!
  12. No. As long as you do not have more than 2 accidents, whether you're at fault or not, you're fine. Keep in mind also they go back three years, therefore if the accident took place before June of 2016, you're fine.
  13. If you look at the Certification Page by typing "07612" in the search box on the top right, followed by pressing 'enter,' things have been quiet, therefore the next class might not be anytime soon. Congrats!
  14. https://cptdb.ca/wiki/index.php/Port_Authority_of_New_York_and_New_Jersey#Active As a former employee, I don't think they were bought in for the ongoing reconstruction. From what I was told, from the General Manager of Swissport, the contractor of the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey, they were in a "rush" to get the program started, that's why the buses came from "various" places.
  15. From working for the company for about eight months, all of that is from the prior owners. There are no set schedules for the Blue, Red, Purple and/or Taxi Shuttle route(s).
  16. Since this is not a civil-service exam, just call (347) 643 8229/30/31/32, Monday to Friday, 8 AM to 3 PM and take it from there. All exams for MTA Bus Company and MaBSTOA go through 180 Livingston Street and not DCAS.
  17. From taking Bus Operator Exam 2613, 4600, 7612 & 9604, followed by this one this upcoming summer, I highly doubt there will be any CDL questions. If there are any, it won't go into detail with the airbrakes or the "P" endorsement or anything like that. If anything, if you carefully examine the fourth and fifth pages of the Notice of Examination, it tells you right there what's going to be on the exam. As a personal suggestion, the best study tools to use are this and this NYPD Test Prep Kits. In the event you're questioning me about why this is, I have two things to say: First, all of the other books that I have looked at, including this one, are useless. Not only are 90% of the questions out of this book 'irrelevant,' but the exam will contain a memorization section. The NYPD Test Prep Kits do contain a memorization section. By the way, I just got my admission letter for this exam: Sunday, June 9th, AM Session at Midwood High School!!
  18. The best thing to do would be to go to the Pass Unit, located on the 5th Floor of 180 Livingston Street. They're open Mon - Fri, 8:30 to 4:30. You'll probably have some paperwork to fill out, however this would be the place to go. Every other year, all of the retirees go to the same location to have their passes renewed. Good luck!!
  19. Mind I ask what title and what agency this is for (NYC Transit, LIRR, MNRR, etc.)? Thank you.
  20. If you want to see if you qualify based on your education and/or experience based on the last NOE(s) that was published, click here and find the exam title(s) in alphabetical order. Good luck!!
  21. After this incident took place, in which I came back a second time, waited and was unable to take a drug test, I'm in the same boat as you. From reading these threads, if I recall correctly, I recall somebody saying they're going to call the next 'batch' of people this summer. True story: Back in 2014, one of my classmates had a perfect Day 6. However, on Day 7, when securing the bus, she left it in reverse by accident, instead of neutral, and, instead of passing, she went to Day 10 (with me). To this date, I haven't seen or heard from her, and I don't know if she qualified or not. Therefore, although you have good advice, just make sure you don't do anything bad. One 'serious' mistake, like what I described above, and you're off to Day 9.
  22. You're welcome. And don't worry about any "RTS" buses. They're gone.
  23. Congrats!! Did they tell you where to report? If so, you will be training on the other types of buses they have. If you are going to the Jamaica Depot, you will be training on the Novas and the New Flyers. If you're going to another depot, you can scroll up and down that page to figure out what other types of buses they have.

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