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  1. I got the font on Pages, it's also where I'm able to squeeze the letters together
  2. If you don't mind Javier, I already made MTA Dude's request
  3. Just spotted 7811-7821 leaving 40th at 12:00 pm heading towards Main Street
  4. I mean, what font is used here in their logo:
  5. Here's an NYCDOT Ad on a back of an Orion VII NG:
  6. Here's your Orion VII 3G SBS for Casey Stengel
  7. The location is 233 Street on the 2. He got the photo from nycsubway.org as seen here. Showing Image 8188 I Pass
  8. You are missing the flags on the last windows and there are no batteries on the roof, just the HVAC. The roof enclosure points on the roof are farther than the ones you have.
  9. could I get one? Brooklyn Bridge - City Hall Metro-North NJ Transit
  10. I'm sorry for the late thanks. I was just in Indonesia where there was no access to a wi-fi spot or to a computer and also celebrated my 19th birthday there. Once again, thanks.

  11. I've haven't posted anything in a long time, but I have some paperbuses I want to show you guys: First, a large scale version of the Designline I made: Second, a large scale of an D60HF SBS: Lastly, Orion VII's in the decal scheme:
  12. What is missing and incorrect things.
  13. 3rd Avenue El, This is your Bee-Line Orion VII I know I posted this like 3 times already, but this one is a detailed version of the ex:Bee-Line System V
  14. A large scale D60HF in its newest paint scheme
  15. An MTA D60HF in the newest paint scheme

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