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  1. BA to be a Bus Operator? that's the dumbest idea i've ever heard
  2. Ha, good luck with a low prices, of course it would be over $500, especially because it would be new, unless you go to Trainworld. They always have discounts on there trains
  3. Can't wait for the new order of RTS to start there delievery. I really wanna see how the Extreme RTS LF's will look on our system, there arrival is suppose to start in january, not final though.
  4. It's not going to kawasaki, which is why the contract was put on hold, kawasaki threw a fit. and what the hell are ya'll talking about. after 2009, everything went downhill. all these NTT's suck ass, they fail on spot numerous times. , People who like NTT don't know nothing about real equipment, People who like what MTA is doing don't know anything about a REAL Transit system, they ruined everything.
  5. There working on a realistic one for trainz, i believe it's almost done. MSTS sucks when it comes to N.Y.C.T Equipment. I love Trainz and it's stock because there so easy to edit once you get the hang of it.
  6. Why are they buying trains that have a 19 year life span, this i don't understand
  7. It's actually very easy to edit the Rollsigns and side signs once you get used to it, i've completely edited all my rolling stock for my railway, take a look at the post NY-FL Railway and you'll see my works
  8. i don't call them R188's, i call them R142M's and i hate NTT's but i rather a R142A or a R142 over that, YUK
  9. I finished both the Blue and Red lines, now i just gotta finish the Green line and the High Speed Express Line
  10. You guys it isn't a mod, they really screwed up when they made that game, there is 3rd rail on the system but only in the yard
  11. Wow i found a Really nice one look similar to the R160 Throttle $125 Plus Shipping W. Gessmann GmbH Industrieschaltgeräte Leingarten: Details This one i don't know how much, can't find priciing but oh man imagine play Bve with this
  12. DAMN! Always impressin' us, how do you use that sketch program
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