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  1. Traffic checker doesn't have the lowest pay cleaner helper starts at 16.049
  2. are they still don't know my two interviews and if so how long after does it take to hear back from them?
  3. How many interviews are there I thought there were only one exam and then after you pass if you pass they call you for a interview or is there more ?
  4. Soo I went in and they give you the boss survey it pretty much just asks you questions ok how you feel about certain questions
  5. So I got called to take the exam for Liberty lines what should I expect she told me to bring a clean copy of my abstract
  6. Hey can someone help me out I applied for beeline as a bus operator does anyone know how long it takes to hear back
  7. no the mta buses are manufactured in canada but are sent down to plattsburgh due apply decals and other elcetional devices need for mta nycta
  8. did any of you here about the accident that happened eariler yesterday morning wit a bronx bus on gun hill road
  9. first of all nice pics love them question wear were u wen took the picture of bus 5756
  10. nice pics man but my neck is kinda hurting from all the different angles but othe than that nice shots(MTA)
  11. thanks for makin me feel welcome i really enjoy the whole nyct bus alot
  12. those are amazing pics my dad is the dispatcher there thats his car in front of the bus once again amzing pics man :cool:
  13. those buses with the sbs wrap are still in service its just that the buses with the sbs wrap on them are gettin them taken they will just will have the blue light at the top where the scroll i
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