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  1. Out of these, I think Nippon Sharyo, Siemens, Tokyu and CAF have the most experience and the most familiarity with US regulations. I would add Kinki-Sharyo as well. Yes, their expertise Stateside is in light rail, but they also have experience building heavy rail metro trains. As for the April date, was it an extension given to MTA by the Feds?
  2. Actually, MBCR also has a 3+2 seating arrangement. Capacity is just as important for longer distances. Express lines could use the extra space so that more people would be able to board, thus reducing the need for extra-long trains and increasing overall headway.
  3. More doors equals better movement of people in and out of the train, thus leading to less idling at the station. Additionally, less seating and more standing room would increase capacity on any given train and reduce overcrowding. A good seating arrangement would be one similar to Australia's suburban EMUs. Queensland Rail Citytrain Interurban Multiple Unit (for commuting between Brisbane and Gold Coast). http://home.people.net.au/~jimmy88/Transport/IMU162/DSC00555%20with%20tag.JPG http://ufies.org/~aleith/transit/brisbane/imu110_241004.jpg
  4. Maybe one thing they could consider for M-9 is to give it three doors instead of two, similar to the Toshiba trains found in Buenos Aires. http://www.railpictures.net/images/d1/8/8/6/6886.1236183766.jpg As for a manufacturer, how about giving a potential M-9 contract to Nippon-Sharyo/Sumitomo?
  5. Okay, then. How about Siemens AG as a potential builder? They have a lot of experience with metro construction in Europe and Asia, plus some experience in the Americas (i.e. Boston and San Juan).
  6. I can only begin to imagine the reactions in railroad.net if Rotem got a hold of the R179 contract.
  7. The M8's are probably the best-looking mainline stock in the 'States. They remind me a little of JR Central and JR Hokkaido regional EMUs.

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