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  1. B38 metro route is grand ave.which is now the depot I work at since I was bumped out of Fp.
  2. Ha! Fresh pond buses are filthy! But this bus was sparkling! Def didn't go thru a Fp wash
  3. Today when I reported for work a next gen hybrid bus #3966 from castleton depot was parked in front of the depot.this is the first of more to come from castleton depot.
  4. What's the latest on fresh pond get some new buses ourrts r shit and falling apart.
  5. Fresh pond Depot hands down the worst bc fresh pond depot is in a residential neighborhood. Plus fresh pond rd isn't a wide street so buses pulling can tie both sides of the street up
  6. Any news on fresh pond receiveing new buses.I know a few rts buses are being piled from service next month.
  7. The rumor at fresh pond depot is that at the end of february the B38 metropolitan ave/starr st half of the line is moving over to grand ave depot.an internal pick between fresh pond and grand ave has been proposed.
  8. They don't even put chains on the tires. They are bungey chords
  9. Everything sucks about the rts leg room,mirrors,blind spots,wheel chair lift,kneeler,steps, interior mirror, not being able to see anything but the rear tire only good thing is they move.
  10. I cannot wait till fresh pond gets rid of the rts!
  11. I work at fresh pond depot now and I haven't heard anything about new buses.we desperately need new buses.I saw a next gen hybrid on the fuel line the other day,but the problem is those buses don't fit under the m train el above the depot only the rts fit.if fresh pond is getting new buses exactly what bus will it be bc being that grand ave lost the b43 I know they are loosing some buses maybe fresh pond will get some next gen's from grand ave.
  12. Part of the problem is newly hired b/os may get thrown in staten island and not know anything about staten island. 90 % of b/o in staten island live in staten island.
  13. No no drama im just saying most people on this site say mhv but I know b/c I worked there it just sounds so weird to me.u call it whatever u want who really cares anyway its all good either way
  14. Anybody that works for transit knows manhattanville is known as MTV ManhaTTanVille not mhv. Its not mhv ask any b/o its mtv.
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