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  1. Interesting that the new schedules are up, but not the new Bronx map. Meanwhile, the new Brooklyn map was posted at least a week ago.
  2. Sending the Bx23 to Country Club would just raise the same complaints about too many buses. A separate route works better.
  3. That would subject local (intra-Brooklyn) riders to the vagaries of bridge traffic.
  4. The Bx24 has the same schedule every day. Instead of printing the same thing three times, it would have made more sense to print one set of times and label it, "Every Day Service."
  5. What were B1's doing on 13th Avenue?
  6. Since the front of the bus is overcrowded and the back has room to spare, the answer is obvious: Add service at the front of the bus and cut service at the back of the bus!
  7. To repeat what others have said, it's not 5 blocks - it's one long block and one short block from 61st/Roosevelt to 62nd/39th. Plus, you'd still have to walk to 61st/Roosevelt for a southbound trip - or do you want the terminal stand moved to 39th Avenue?
  8. It's the same loop through Country Club that the old Bx14 made. If that loop was adequate, then this loop will be adequate. The Bx24 will end at Pelham Bay Park . If they need Westchester Square, they can take the . Again, it's the same loop that the Bx14 made. The only streets that had two-way service before (and will again) were Country Club Road (between Bruckner and Kearney) and Stadium Avenue (between Country Club Road and Spencer Drive). If that was okay before, it should be okay now.
  9. You've identified a few people. Which of them gets 100% blame??
  10. Chains wouldn't have helped on unplowed streets. On a purely political level, there's no correct answer to that one. MTA would have caught major flack for not running anything, just as it's catching flack for trying to run something (and failing). That sounds like a good idea, as long as those "snow routes" are actually plowed. Let's see if anybody listens.
  11. Exactly. That's why I think the Bx4A will probably succeed (and maybe even surpass the "mainline" Bx4 in ridership) while the Bx24 is likely to die on the vine.
  12. Not completely. All they get is a route that should be called the "Country Club Mini Me" - a dinky shuttle to/from Pelham Bay Station. It will probably be at the top of the next "Doomsday" hit list.
  13. Yup. It sounds like the Bx4A will become the Parkchester branch of the Bx4. Given the population density along Metropolitan Avenue, I wouldn't be surprised if it becomes the dominant branch.
  14. Why is there any controversy at all over something that is already ILLEGAL??

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