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  1. It's going to be interesting to see how this works out. The most likely scenario I see happening is MTA purchasing them as a replacement for the Shoreliners, although I highly doubt CDOT will be involved in the purchase this time around.
  2. It doesn't stop at Tampa twice, you're thinking of Lakeland. It makes one stop there to drop off passengers, continues to Tampa, then makes another stop at Lakeland to receive passengers. The Silver Star has been going out of its way to serve Tampa and Lakeland since 2004 when the Palmetto's route was shortened to end at Savannah, GA. The Palmetto used to serve Tampa via a more direct route, the CSX "S" Line through Ocala. Amtrak decided having a 3rd service through Florida was too expensive though, so in 2004 they decided to inconvenience Silver Star customers and send it out of the way to serve Tampa.
  3. The answer to your initial question would seem to be I-287 as it crosses all 5 mainlines, but... You seem to suggest I-84. I-84 does cross 4 of the 5 revenue lines, however only crosses the Waterbury branch. It passes through Danbury north of where the branch ends and instead crosses the Beacon. Going with the I-84 answer though, it crosses each line once, so there are a total of 4 crossings.
  4. It was meant to be approximate, obviously the speed limits don't change right at the station. In any case that's the correct answer, so you're up!
  5. Between which two stations on the New Haven Line are trains allowed to go 90 MPH?
  6. Yes, the body of the locomotive isn't too bad. However the engine inside was cooking for quite a while after the collision so it really all depends on the damage it received.
  7. Same here! And the fact that it wasn't on a bus. I wonder how this got all the way to Conneticut, Very far away from the LIRR. It probably belonged to a railfan.
  8. I'm gonna guess this was something that was handed out to kids on some excursion run back in the 70s or early 80s. I'm surprised this was found on a bus though. If I had something that old and rare it would stay safe at home, not in my pocket.
  9. From what I understand about those trucks they aren't allowed to drive over grade crossings. If this is true then it's kinda the driver's responsibility to know that whether or not a sign exists telling them that. In any case this was not your run of the mill train/truck collision. The locomotive was seriously damaged, probably beyond repair. They're lucky nothing serious happened to the passengers and crew. Here's a few pictures of the wreck. http://www.rrpicturearchives.net/archivethumbs.aspx?id=56629
  10. They probably do that on purpose so it grabs people's attention. If a silent board changes and someone's staring at their phone then they might miss their train. I agree with you though maybe they could've come up with something better than a flipping sound. On a side note, a friend of mine was in New Haven yesterday and tells me that the Solari board is still there. Sounds like something's delaying them.
  11. Nice shots! I love that first shot with the storm clouds rolling in.
  12. Hopefully it would be a multipurpose cafe car as mentioned earlier as opposed to just a bar car. Think about how many commuters would love to eat breakfast on their way to work without having to stop to get it on the way.
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