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  1. Are you still looking, R160? I think Greyhound at PABT might have some openings for help.
  2. Uh I take severe offense to that as I am friends with tons of NJT drivers and I am a former NJT Driver with a clean driving record.
  3. Either way, a new PABT needs to be built and built soon. From the time I drove at NJT in 2008 to now at Greyhound at 2015, I have seen more people and buses in that terminal than ever before. It's going to get worse before something is done. There are a bunch of abandoned or unused buildings in NY near the terminal. I mean, P.A. could just do what they did in the 60's when it was time to build the twin towers for a project this necessary.
  4. Are some of the new MCI's being resent back to MCI and then back to Howell? When I do bus trips from Pittsburgh to Columbus, OH, I drive I-70 and I usually see the new MCI's with NJT Livery on them heading to NJ. Weird that last week I saw 7278-7284 going Eastbound while I was going Westbound. No pics. I was driving the bus with passengers. Sorry.
  5. The 317 and 319 is sorta like NJT's version of Greyhound with long trips. Doesn't the 317 run LAV buses?
  6. Ok, I been out the loop. I saw on another site that there are Hybrids coming with numbers 4008-4054. What the? When was this order made and who is getting them?
  7. Greyhound's Newest Bus: MCI 2015 D4505 only in Mass. MA 86575. Only 2 buses like this that has a speak easy system and a side destination sign. In Columbus, OH North Carolina owned MCI D4505 NC86507 2014 Prevost X3-45 86658 @ Sheetz Rest Stop at Altoona, PA Prevost X3-45 86195 Broken down at Myersville, MD MCI D4505 86336 at Sideling Hill RS in Waterfall, PA In Columbus, OH Garage, Refurbished MCI G4500 7202 MCI 102DL3 6312 at Chicago on a Charter MCI 102DL3 6318 @ Zanesville, OH 3365 Vanhool at Cleveland, OH Terminal Refurbished MCI G4500 7199 at Pittsburgh, PA Terminal 60843 Vanhool C2045 at Philadelphia, PA Terminal 86125 Prevost X3-45 at Philadelphia, PA Terminal In Pittsburgh, PA: MCI D4505 86350
  8. Notice: 7332 and 7333 was scene Sunday morning by yours truly in Columbus, OH en route to NJ. Should of made it by the time the storm started unless they rested in Pittsburgh or some other location and waited at the hotel to see what was the situation with Juno.
  9. Pics 1, 2, and 8 at the Detroit Garage Pics 3, 4, and 7 at Rest stops on the PA Turnpike Pics 10 & 12 at the Pleasantville (Atlantic City) Garage Rest were out on the road or the terminals in Pittsburgh or Cleveland all taken by myself.
  10. They'll run them down like the 102DL3's we have at Greyhound. Frigging 98, 99, 00 buses that are near the end of their life cycle. At least you don't have ZF 12 speed's. Good God, I hate to get a bus like that.
  11. Rather dumb when those seats could be used for the 153 express in the morning and the 159 60th Street Express in the Afternoon as well as when they're doing the 128 after the rush hours
  12. Well, there has been rumors about Greyhound being brought by Amtrak. Would make sense since some stations are being intermodal (Indianapolis station is Greyhound and Amtrak, Cleveland is building a new station to house both, Greyhound services both Chicago and the Chicago Amtrak station, Pittsburgh's station (My home terminal) is across the street from Amtrak, Harrisburg shares stations). I wouldn't be surprised and actually become very happy. The current owners (First Group) are not a pleasant group and been trying to sell us since they aren't making a dime after they purchased us from Laidlaw.
  13. I thought the DL's were gone. Was surprised to see one the other day on the pike. Thought they was sent to Iraq or something since no one really cared for them.
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