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  1. Would they consider restoring limited service to Broad Channel once they get one track completed, or will they wait until both tracks are complete? Just curious.
  2. I think also it is because the original subway cars were derived from steam RR car designs with end vestibules. They soon discovered this slowed loading and unloading, so added the center doors and later began moving the end doors futher in toward the middle.
  3. 1. Each car has motors so they are all powered, which is why subway trains can accelerate relatively quickly. 2. Each wheel has a flange on the inside which keeps it on the rail. The weight of the train on a relatively small area of contact between wheel and rail creates enough friction so that the wheel can push against the rail and get traction, even going up a reasonable hill (up to 5% or 5 ft in 100 ft. or so) Yes snow / rain can make tracks a little slippery but not enough to prevent them from working. Regular trains have sanders to help with traction in these situations, don't know if they are ever used on rapid transit cars. Tunnels under rivers can be done 2 ways - by digging deep under the river bottom, or by lowering pre-built tubes onto the river bottom. Not sure if there are any underwater tunnels that cross, would be possible but would require one of them to be very deep to do this.
  4. I have some memories from the late 1960's going from Boston to college in Bethlehem PA I would take the Penn Central to GCT (this was pre-Amtrak, most trains from/to Boston still went to/from Grand Central) then the shuttle and the IRT 7th Ave. down to Penn Sta to get the train to Philly. I remember the signage was not too good for an out of towner. One time I took the IND for variety and remember seeing an R9 or R10 going by on the express track, the train I got was brand new, must have been an R42 or R44 I think, and it was the first air conditioned subway car I ever remember being on I recall there were long lines to buy tokens, that is one thing that has improved, with the metrocard.
  5. I do not think it would be a good idea for the unions to strike. I'm not saying they don't have grievances but look at the current situation. many signs show us to be heading back into recession, we may be in another 1930's style depression. We have huge unfunded liabilities in the government such as the staggering debt held by Fannie Mae, the deficit, Social Security and Medicare, and so on, so we are in bad shape as a country. By the way everybody jumps on Wall Street for playing the market and so on, remember most of the people "playing the market" are ordinary Americans holding 401K or 403(B) plans including Union members. Yes there were some abuses such as the credit default swaps and the big bonuses but these are small potatoes compared to the other issues. If there is anyone to get mad at it is the politicians that promoted cheap housing by encouraging Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac to securitize mortgages and pressure banks to loan to people that couldn't afford the houses they were buying, thus creating the housing bubble and subsequent collapse. So everyone is going to be hurting for awhile and if the unions strike they will not have public opinion on their side. That is just my opinion. I can understand the grievances, my wife belongs to a union (UFCW) and I see the same us vs. them mentality that management seems to get into. But this is not the time.
  6. nycsubway.org also has some good resources: http://www.nycsubway.org/ particularly the Subway FAQ if you are new to the system; http://www.nycsubway.org/faq/
  7. I knew it was something that started with H. So that means we didn't cut it short (the portion) after all. Thanks for the correction.
  8. Was a great trip! When they said the itinerary would be interesting they weren't kidding. Here is the route we followed as best as I can remember it: Left Court St. switched to the A at Hoyt Schermerhorn, ran out to 80th St, out on to the elevated section, switched to the center express track. There we reversed and headed for Manhattan. At W. 4th St., switched to the 6th Ave line and ran up to 34th St. where we reversed. We then basically followed the route of the B, heading out over the Manny bridge then the Brighton line. At Stilwell Ave. we dropped off the folks going to Coney Island, then with the hardcore fans on board headed back toward Manhattan on the Sea Beach line. We made it as far as Atlantic-Pacific (or maybe Dekalb I forget) but to keep us out of the way of regular service they sent us back down 4th Ave to 95th St. to cool our heels. Eventually we were let back up and headed out the Montague tunnel then switched to the Nassau St. subway. We made a quick photo stop at Broad St. then proceeded to Chambers. At Chambers the train waited while those that wished to go ahead to get pictures of the train coming off the Willy at Marcy Ave got off and took the regular J service to go ahead of us. We then headed out, using the unused tracks through Canal St. and Kenmare St. then over the bridge to Marcy where we picked up the photographers, then reversed on the express track to go back to Manhattan. We were originally supposed to ruin out to Halsey but it was cut short due to us being behind schedule. Another wait at Chambers to pick up any stragglers then back to Coney Island via the Sea Beach line. At Coney Island we picked up the day trippers then headed back to Manhattan using the West End line (so we got to cover 3 of the 4 lines). We ran back across the Manny bridge then over to 8th Ave making several stops. I got off at 42nd St., they were planning to make stops up to 175th St. I thought of riding up to the Bronx but it was getting late and I was hungry. All in all a great trip and covered a lot of ground. It was always interesting to see the reactions of the people as we headed through the stations.
  9. Don't know I'd be that excited about 01400 fan trip - I always resented the fact they replaced the number 2/3/4 Cambridge Dorchester cars, basically Boston's equivalent to the arnines. They were also the first Boston cars without the railfan window B) I think of the 01400's more like our equivalent of the Redbirds or the R32s. Still it is probably our only chance for a nostalgia trip but the T seems to have no interest in anything like that. We now return you to your regularly scheduled NYCT discussion.
  10. Looking forward to it and a chance to talk to other railfans with a common interest in subways, as long as they aren't Yankee fans - just kidding. I''l be the one in the Seashore Trolley Museum T shirt.
  11. I guess I don't see where with heavy traffic BRT is any better than LRT they will both get stuck in the congestion unless you have a private ROW such as a center reservation in the street, in that case LRT although more expensive to build, would be capable of carrying more passengers per hr.
  12. Don't worry, I am new to a number of these routes so whatever it is I'm sure it will be a treat. Just riding the arnines will be fun, they could just run back and forth on the 42nd st shuttle and I would be happy. I have a theory as to what the route is, so we'll see. It's funny that this route is such a secret like it was Col. Sanders recipe for chicken or something.
  13. According to the letter I got from the NYTM the Coney Island trip is supposed to run on the A, D, and Q. Don't know if that means the West End one way and the Brighton the other, or combing parts of both lines in each direction.
  14. Pretty much any major railroad passenger terminal uses or used slip switches in locations where space was at a premium, particularly in Europe but also many terminals in the US and Canada. Has nothing to do with RR vs. transit, both types of systems use them only where they have to, but transit more often has confined spaces e.g. tunnels that requires them.

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