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  1. Usually behind-the-scene looks at the subway involve places such as control towers or in the tunnels. This one is a bit different. It shows the Times Square-area studio where I recorded some new announcements for the 7 line countdown clocks on Friday. I don't know when they will go live but it was a fun recording session that ran a bit over an hour. In another studio was the cast of a Broadway show doing a recording.
  2. On Tuesday I had an opportunity to meet with Kevin Corbett for an interview on Transportation Radio. We talked about some of the issues the agency is confronting and his plans on addressing them. Topics included PTC, staffing, Hoboken Terminal and the Raritan Valley Line. You can hear the interview at this link: https://transportationradio.wordpress.com/2019/12/18/nj-transit-president-kevin-corbett-talks-challenges-and-future-of-system/
  3. I think so. I posted there a few months ago and haven't heard anything. I think part of the problem there is discovery. If you aren't searching specifically for that, you probably won't find it. It was mixed in with hundreds, if not thousands, of voiceover offers. I also was offering it for more than $5, which might have also affected the response.
  4. Thanks! I looked at Etsy but they require a tangible product so, for them, it would have to be combined with something such as a photo or something else you can hold in your hands.
  5. I have an unusual question but I can't think of a better place to ask it. As many of you know, I provide the voice for the countdown clocks in most of the A Division stations. I'm also the voice on AirTrain Newark and on PATCO in South Jersey/Philadelphia. Often when I meet people and they learn what I do they ask me to make a recording for them in my "subway voice." I'm happy to do that but, it's made me think that there are others who might pay for a custom recording for anything from their voicemail to a birthday/anniversary greeting. It's something uniquely New York and more personalized than a tee-shirt or baseball cap. I'm not sure how best to market something like this but I thought this group might have some ideas. In addition to responding here, you can also contact me directly at bernie@transportationradio.com. Thanks for your thoughts!
  6. Thanks for the nice words about my announcements! I understand some of my safety announcements are now being heard in 7 line stations.
  7. Mayors from 32 towns along NJ Transit's Raritan Valley Line have joined together to advocate for improved service on the Raritan Valley Line. Among their goals is restoration of the one-seat ride to and from NYC. Cranford Radio spoke with the co-chair of the organization, Fanwood Mayor Colleen Mahr to learn more about the group and what they hope to accomplish. https://cranfordradio.wordpress.com/2019/04/09/raritan-valley-line-mayors-alliance-advocates-for-improved-service/
  8. I thought members of the group might enjoy this video that was just posted by Trains Magazine. It takes a look behind the scenes, including the 207th Street Overhaul Shop. It's done by Kevin Phalon and is a five and a half minute piece on the December Nostalgia Trains the MTA runs. I did the narration based on a script Kevin wrote. http://trn.trains.com/photos-videos/videos/2019/01/trains-presents-new-york-citys-nostalgia-train?fbclid=IwAR2gFxOMkrJ5gsNonp9aEOrBfNA4WET-cXIkyyCGiSFAv6eV8uddQ5cGQy4
  9. Folks on the forum may enjoy a video put together by a gentleman who is also a video journalist for NJTV. Kevin Phalon did a four minute production on the holiday nostalgia train. While Kevin works professionally with video he's also a train enthusiast. I had the pleasure of narrating the video.
  10. This was done for ITS New Jersey. She was inducted into the organization's hall of fame in September and the focus was her time in NJ.
  11. On Thursday I did an interview with MTA Managing Director Ronnie Hakim on Transportation Radio. We talked about transportation tech not only at the MTA, but also from her time at NJ Transit and the New Jersey Turnpike Authority. Two other recent interviews may also be of interest to the group. The first is with NYCDOT Commissioner Polly Trottenberg and the second with Bill Bayne, the CEO of Transit Wireless, talking about adding Wi-Fi and other communications technology to the subway system.
  12. Am I correct in believing that none of the new countdown clocks include audio announcements?
  13. As some of you may know, I'm the guy who provides the voice for the countdown clocks on the A Division. I've noticed some posters here have signatures that include a custom subway or bus sign. I was looking to see if there was anything similar to create a custom countdown clock message. Each year I create a special "happy birthday" announcement that I send to friends on their birthdays. This year's was a traffic report. If you click the link you'll see there is also a birthday message I created on the highway sign. Starting in June, I have a new birthday message that's based on one of my subway announcements. To accompany it, I'd like to have a subway sign saying "Happy Birthday." Is anyone aware of a program that can create a custom countdown clock sign? If not, can one of you tell me how you created your special subway destination signs? Thanks! Bernie Wagenblast

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