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Status Updates posted by Calvin

  1. Hello, everyone. If you may know: the previous roster has been moved and converted to the new format and link. Some information are still in the works for placement position and sorting but will be cleaned up to that time. 

    For now, this is the new domain: https://sites.google.com/view/newyorkcitybusroster/home?authuser=0

    Thank you. 

  2. It's hard to lose someone you know as a few days ago, you said, "I'll see you in a few days". Then today, the promise cannot be made.

  3. each (the (B)(G)) R68 plz

  4. hey matt i saw the signs u showed to me thanks it's all good :)


    is it ok if u could make a R68 rollsign saying:

    Harlem/145 St Brighton Beach (B)

    Long Island City/Court Sq Brooklyn/Church Av (G)


    and if yes. thanks :)

  5. hi there matt are you busy tday

  6. Don will be in vacation about 2 weeks so, for subsitute,I will look for a 19xx MCI to go on, then i'll be able to take Neo or Mannys bus

  7. hey, matthew next week don is not here, so if ur not busy Thurs/Fri, i imght go on Neos or Mannys Bus

  8. hi there, great update on the roster :), excellent job and are u going to update the MTA NYC Subway roster cause theres more changes around the subway system.


    note: changed on August 24 2010

  9. wow its looks good thank you

  10. where do i request 1

  11. how did u get the R160 LCD line turn to any route

  12. hey, how did u get a M tats a R160 LCD M, how did u do tat and can it be used on any other routes

  13. hi there, do u make R160 LCDs

  14. oh ok srry bout that cause i was gonna give out info bout R160 LCDs and wat is his nyctransit account

  15. R160 Find:




    (Q) 4:00PM

  16. hey, I heard that gilberto davila ur friend on the B6 was involved wit the news and Im sorry bout ur friend hope he feels better

  17. is the roster going to be updated today??

  18. Hey, do u have the update of the MCIs at Spring Creek and College Point or any other depots??

  19. so, wat u mean tat u will update the roster June 27, the day service cuts begin and ur the athor of the roster

  20. the walls are bein painted at NewKirk Av [b,Q]

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