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  1. Transit employees should not be armed with Tasers, mace, or guns. Most conflicts are too close quartered for these to be effective. Better communications training, lightening up on ridiculous rules and regulations, and real break and recovery times would be more benficial. However, any items that the public may legally carry and use, shoukld also be permitted by MTA for its employees.
  2. Your only more likely to get a courtesy on NYCT buses, but technically are required to pay on NYCT. As much as you love all your fellow passengers. No, just following the rules. Training Center ain't going to do jack about it, dream on. Don't deny, simply request that they be inserted in farebox as required by MTA regulations. When it says 'wrng athorty" request the fare. Then document it because most NYCT people are going to file a G-2 on you crying that you asked them to pay. NYCT passes do not work in MTA B fareboxes, the box displays "wrng authrty." Most MTAB managers have two passes, one MTAB and one NYCT. I know a NYCT VP displayed a red pass on MTAB and asked to pay. A week later same guy had an MTAB ID card to go with his NYCT one. In negotiations MTA claimed it would cost too much to allow interchange of passes for union personnel, but for managers seem to cost nothing. Also, MTAB retirees (except I think Eastchester) do not receive a retired id like NYCT retirees, MTA claims it not in any collective bargaining agreement.
  3. S/Diff is paid to employees that work between 6 PM and 6 AM, and all day weekends.
  4. Bus stops are usually over 40' long, anywhere within that space may be appropriate. I have stopped midway in stops because of need to deploy lift, have gone all the way to the top making room for a bus behind me. Have stopped in second lane from curb because of ice, little kids running around in bus top mom & dad chatting on cell oblivious. Don't fight you b/o over this, try to figure out why first, unless he is just being an ass when you the only one in the stop, then ask him.
  5. Front should be 'kneeled' when away from the curb for all. When bus is curbed, common sense or when requested.
  6. Aw poor little SLD :cry:having temper tantrum now, there there go hide in Bus Command. Those that can't handle the road (Like you) become underpaid dispatchers. BTW since you never "back down," you should be the 106 Union rep maybe then you'all would get a contract (7 Years and still waiting) to get paid what TA SLDs are paid. But guess you too busy "picking on and ignoring the innocent" to be bothered with you getting PAID! There's your "truth" homeboy. Now think you can stay on topic? The question was are B/Os trained or own their own. Or is that too difficult for you?
  7. Just when you answer the phone or finally arrive at incident, day late and dollar short. No axe to grind, just keeping it real. I am not an authority on BCC or SLDs' behavior, just listen in on radio, fellow B/Os, and observations. Tsk, tsk sticks and stones, but perfect example of how SLDs' think, speak, and act towards B/Os everyday at MTA. Now you made it personal, so the truth must have hit a nerve. Back on topic though, B/Os are on their own.
  8. Not doing the right thing by driving with long brakes? One could start with decent brakes and they wear out enough on one trip to road call, of course supervision feels that the brakes never ever wear out. How many times has supervision asked "just take it, make a trip, and road call it at the other end?" So I guess right thing was done, plus followed supervision's request and instructions, right there SLD T? As for Mr. B? You have the wrong initial there, it is Mr. G.
  9. A few of your fellow SLDs, would you like me to name them? It is always interesting to listen in to them on the radio. Though you have always acted like a professional when answering the Bus Command phone/radio, several of your coworkers are well known for finally answering the phone or radio and responding to B/Os with sarcasm, incorrct information, and famously saying "just keep going." There is one SLD's POV customized license plate says " PKUPNGO," as this is his regular response to just about any situation. So in answering the poster's question regarding B/Os' training or on own, just showing how much on their own Bus Operators are when it comes to support from even Bus Command, please don't act so naive. As for being 'an outsider with stupid comments,' believe what you want.
  10. On your own and to quote Bus Command: "just keep going" like nothing happened. OH, and you are no longer eligible for the "safety jacket" award for another 3 years.
  11. Issue firearms to B/Os, change law to authorize deadly force against spitters. Passengers are nasty and degenerate people. They need to have sense beaten into them, with a swift kick up their arse to bounce them out the bus.
  12. Yes, the first three times I answer the same question from the same person very professional, after that go ahead and ask the fourth time. Did they ask you? NO. Did you give wrong information? NO. Signs working and clear? YES. Don't feel bad because you have no control over the unable to read brain dead morons out there.
  13. The post in begining clearly states 'Bus Operators' Pesky Passengers Problems.' None of you are a Bus Operator, there is plenty of space for you to start your own thread as you see fit. This thread was for Bus Operators to post their perspective, for you to maybe read & understand better why we do the things we do. Enjoy this "hijacked thread," Bus Operators come over to the crew room.
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