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  1. Yeah, I thought it might have been something like that. Sorry, I didn't see the other topic. It seemed really weird to me this morning, and I couldn't understand the announcements, so it was pretty annoying. Haha.
  2. I was riding the to work this morning as usual and caught a train of R-160s. All of the signs on the train's exterior were working properly, but none of the LED maps were working inside, and the LED signs on the ceiling only read "(MTA) NYC Transit". The automated announcements also weren't working, so the announcements were being made "live" so-to-speak. I thought maybe it was just an issue with this particular train, but every other I crossed paths with was operating the same way. Does anyone know if there is a problem with the FIND system not being able to handle the new route changes? I thought it was pretty customizable, but maybe not...
  3. Nice catch on the new FIND video. I've been so tired of seeing the same old s**t for so long! Haha!
  4. An R68 ?!? Great catch! Very nice shots all around. Kudos. :tup:
  5. Haha!! I didn't even notice that. Too funny!
  6. Nice stuff! So weird to see an orange . When was that ever in service? lol
  7. Me too, but the point is the will use the Christie St. connection to get from Broadway/LaFayette to Essex St. The map is an up-close look at that connection, and kinda cool.
  8. :tup::tup: Very cool! Thanks! Especially love the view from the front of the R32 train. I love riding in the front car of an R32 set and looking out the front window. It's such a cool view.
  9. Ha! Me, too! It's so cool to see the bullets going on signs, but sad that the and will soon be no more.
  10. Why can't the other lines use the R160s from the ? I assume it has something to do with the trains being in sets of 4 cars instead of 5 like the other lines?
  11. So does that mean the move to bring the R46s back to the F is a long-term plan or just temporary? I mean, I know it's all temporary in the long run, and all the R46s will be replaced by R160s eventually, right? I'm just a R160 fan and enjoy riding them to work every day. My favorite trains have to be the newest (R160) and the oldest (R32) active sets. Luckily, I ride the and most of the time, so I'm in luck.
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