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  1. It lookes like the buses got the tracking set as the 832 was reading off bus stops on the way to Red Bank and back. I will find out tomorrow if the 836 to Freehold as programmed as well
  2. The 459 it does not serve cherry Hill the 455 and 457 services Cherry Hill
  3. The 558 It would go to Allentown giving them bus service which there is none and take it down the 539 roadway linking New Egypt and points south to AC
  4. about the 867 Its sounds good but there is service from Asbury Park to Lakewood on the 317 and you can use the train or 837 bus (except on sunday) to connect to the 317 bus(I know the mornings there is a 3 hour gap between the fist bus and the 11:40 bus on the 317)
  5. If the 128 trips are expanded, make the 165/166/168 trips from NY limited stops on blvd east anyone who boards the 165/6/8 bus from NY the first dischage would be nungessers and passengers who board on blvd east north bound would have to travel beyond Nungessers. Southbound towards the tunnel have the 128 make the local pickups on Blvd east and have the 165/6/8 only stop to discharge passengers who got on before nungesser and when its stops if they are passengers waiting there to be picked up there they will be pickup up provided that they are going to NY.. they can select certain 165 and 166 to fill in the gaps of the 128 bus.
  6. I believe so since they were used on the 834 and 835 and they are using NABI buses as well
  7. Today I saw NABI 6145 for Veolia and its seems that they retired all of their nova buses for regular service
  8. the NABI buses for Veolia that I saw today were the 6127 and 6133 and 6131 and they are still running their NOVA buses as well at this time
  9. Its looks like Veolia Transportation got a delivery of the new NABI buses. I saw one on the 831 going to Red Bank from Monmouth Mall this afernoon and It had a front bike rack on it. I did not get a chance to ride it or get a photo of it. I guess more of these buses will be rolling out soon
  10. During rush hour, most of the NJCL trains from Bay Head go to Hoboken and from there in the PM Rush hour and there is one off peak trip from Hoboken to Bay Head during the day. On Weekends and major holidays all trips operate to NYP. there is one trip during off peak hours on weekdays on the Morris Essex line that goes to Hoboken. It starts in Hackettstown and one or two trips from Hoboken to Dover in the early afternoon
  11. what about extending of the Perth Amboy buses into the Tottenville Railway station(813) the 817 bus is long enough
  12. that intersection has the 160,163 and 164 to NY and 703 and the 76 Bus
  13. If you are buying the package or just Bus fares? if you are buying the package from NWK and want to go to NYC later you should be able to do but you will have to fork up the difference between Newark and NY when leaving six flags If you are just buying bus tickets you can buy 2 one ways just make the return ticket is to NY otherwise the bus driver may check the ticket on the exit in NY and than you will be hit with extra fare when exiting the bus
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