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  1. For those wondering the link for Canal Street Bridge here you go: http://subwaytime.mta.info/index.html#/app/subwaytime/N/Q01/ And for Court Square : http://subwaytime.mta.info/index.html#/app/subwaytime/G/G22/
  2. I was riding a train to LIRR, on my way home from a Friday Night concert in June. When I boarded the train about a few minutes before Midnight, it was the "BROADWAY EXPRESS" program, but by the time I would reach Pacific Street, it was after 12:01 AM, and the FIND program was now the "BROADWAY LOCAL" (with the local stations north of Canal showing), and the appropriate transfers at the time ("Transfer is available to the , , , , and trains..."; no mention of the , , or ).
  3. Now what does any problem at a station in Brooklyn have anything to do with NB ​ trains running local in Queens?
  4. I don't know about the Brooklyn , but the "(B) express" mention had been used on the (Q)'s timetable since October 2011, when express in Brooklyn was reinstated after 2 years, and only has finally removed with this week's timetable update on the .
  5. According to , LIRR service to Brooklyn will remain suspended for Monday's AM rush, and are saying that they will cross honor tickets for trains to Brooklyn. I've always figured, in the case of the suspensions, when they would occasionally cross-honor MetroCards for LIRR service to Penn (or vice versa). But since the and both stop at the express island platform (both Bronx-bound and Brooklyn-bound), how will officials know if customers are going towards Atlantic Avenue (or uptown to the Bronx) with an LIRR ticket? Will an LIRR conductor be on every car checking tickets? How does that work???
  6. Funny thing is, when the Night Map was first released in January 2012, it also erroneously showed the Hunterspoint and LIC LIRR connections, but has since been removed in current revisions. Also the most recent version of the Night Map (September 2015), which added 34th St , also restored the stop at Jay Street, which had still been missing during its September 2014 revision to reflect the Montague Tubes' reopening. So this shouldn't be much of a surprise. The needed to take lots of work in doing this, and they were bound to bypass some blunders along the way.
  7. Apparently, the is replicating the for its entire modified segment. From 59th Street/4th Avenue to 59th Street/Lex via the tunnel. Could it be more logical to just suspend the altogether, like the ? Or even: Have the run via from Continental to 59th/4th (back during Sandy, the terminated at Jamaica Center), while the runs its Bay Ridge shuttle all day.
  8. Since we're talking updated destinations and announcements, I want to share my feelings about the "JAMAICA EXP" (formerly read "NASSAU ST EXP") announcements from Queens: You'd think with the Queens announcement, they would be going express sooner. But no. The only express sprint on the route (during the time, anyways) is roughly near the tail end of the route, and that's only bypassing three stations in succession. Mind you, it has been a while since I've taken a southbound , so I don't know if they updated those announcements as well, which I'm now finding out with the , thanks to this thread.
  9. That's been updated (September 2014) since the tubes reopened.
  10. I'm going to be going back on the subway for the first time in a week, tomorrow. Also I just want to note the only times now that R160-Bs cars stop at QBL local stations west of 71st Avenue is via late night service.
  11. Also, (a bit off topic), the new maps (on the stations, at least), added a new wrinkle regarding service hours. Hopefully they'll put this up online as well. http://www.subchat.com/read.asp?Id=1312577
  12. IDK. Maybe on the first pic, you had turned on a setting located at the top right corner of the screen called "Show/Hide Subway", which shows all the subway lines, at a certain zoom level.
  13. I had asked on twitter why the weekend work on the was beginning at 2AM instead of midnight. Their answer was that they wanted "to allow for those visiting #LIC from Manhattan via #7 to get to 42nd-St Grand Central etc." https://twitter.com/nyctsubwayscoop/status/438791690535854081
  14. I don't know if it was just where I was at on the tracks, when I tried WiFi with my iPad at Times Sq, I didn't get any internet service. Note that I was at the very front of the train before the doors closed and departed. Wonder if that may had something to do with it...
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