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  1. Just something I've been wondering, with all the track connections there are, how many subway lines are physically possible?
  2. When I visited NYC a couple months ago. The X1 was the first Express bus I rode. I rode it from Midtown to Eltingville. It was pretty nice ride.
  3. You know what I was hoping for? If MCI had taken over production of the Orion VII instead. Then it would be the MCI VII. One can dream.
  4. Nice. I have a display, but it's 16x128. It can pretty much display any destination.
  5. Wow! It just gets better and better! So now it's XD60s and DE60lFRs? Nice.
  6. Thanks guys. My first time fanning in New York and I loved it! I'll be back for sure.
  7. This past Tuesday was my first time bus fanning in New York. Just in the Manhattan area though. How did I do?
  8. http://www.newflyerkinetik.com/index/cms-filesystem-action/investor_relations/news%20releases/2011_04_15_q1_orders.pdf Does this mean MTA will be receiving Xcelsiors?
  9. Wow you do this much different then I do. All I do is fill in the dots one by one (according to what the letter, number, or symbol is), and some copying and pasting (if I have the letter or number made already). It usually takes around 30 minutes to do. Your signs look GREAT:tup:
  10. Sorry for the late reply. I made the sign, but for some reason, it keeps coming out very slow, no matter what I do: I make my signs in GIMP. When I preview the animation it looks amazing. Truly a flipdot sign. But when I save it, it comes out slow for some reason. So if you want to see how it should display, download Microsoft Gif Animator. It's free. If i can figure out how to make these faster, I can do a lot of true flipdot signs requests. I anybody knows how I can make these faster, please let me know. Any other request I can do right away.:cool: I can do this one today
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