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  1. I received a letter saying I did not qualify for the work experience. I did actually qualify, so will appeal. Sent the appeal today. Will see what the results are. Honestly, little chance I will leave my current employer, however, I want the option to be on the list just in case.
  2. In the mail. Yes, in the 1900's not 19,xxx as I orginally posted. My number is between 1,950-1,999
  3. I will have to decline at this time but today I got a notice for medical at 180 Livingston Nov 19th. My list number is 19xxx. This should give everybody an idea what number they are up to.
  4. I was looking at upcoming exams and wondered what a traffic checker does. The exam is listed as Traffic Checker (MaBSTOA). Thanks for any help you can provide.
  5. This might not be the correct forum, but many people here seem very knowledgeable about civil service. I took a civil service exam for Police Communication Technician awhile back. About a month ago, I received my results from DCAS and a list number in the 400’s. Last week I received a notice from One Police Plaza (Police Department). The notice said this is not an appointment but they want me to come down for an interview this week. Bring social security card, ID, resume, etc. How is this possible when the results were released less than a month ago and my number is in the 400’s? This letter from the Police Dept. had my list number and then a slash/ with a number in the 100’s. Anybody know what this means? Thanks for any information you can provide.
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