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  1. Orion, as a retired TA employee and a railfan, I disagree with you on this. If the railfan community doesn't police itself by reporting the law breakers, then the MTA will come down HARD on railfans. Then, when a photo ban is in place, you'll all be crying and complaining about it.
  2. The weekend M should not terminate at Essex Street, but instead run full length to 71 Avenue.
  3. Most people do not realize that the purpose of express service is NOT to make a trip shorter, but is to even out loading. Most locals take less than 5 minutes longer than the express covering the same distance. The 1 only takes 5 minutes longer than the 2 and 3 between 96 Street and Chambers Street. The 7 express only saves 4 minutes over the 7 local. The 6 express only saves 3 minutes over the 6 local in the Bronx. And the 5 Bronx Express is only 2 minutes shorter than the 2 local! Even the 6 in Manhattan only takes 7 minutes longer than the 4 and 5 expresses, despite making 14 more stops! On the IND, in midtown and lower Manhattan, there are only 5 local stops between both the 6th and 8th Avenue lines!
  4. The rule of this thread is NO ADDING ANY NEW ROUTES, including 2nd Avenue. Work within what is there.
  5. Here's a tough one: 86th Street 96th Street Kingston Avenue 116 Street The answer isn't as obvious as you think!
  6. The ENTIRE R142A fleet is going to be converted to R188s, The R142's will have FIND displays installed. As for where the displaced R62A's will be going, watch for some interesting fleet assignments over the next few years. Eventually, I see all lines except the 2 and 5 running mixed fleets of NTT's and R62/62A's. The 62/62A fleet should be rebuilt with AC propulsion, digital signs, automatic announcements, and CBTC capabilities. I'd also like to see the entire subway fleet made FRA compliant.
  7. You cheated, since the rules were you had to work with what exists. No SAS!
  8. Midnight A service would be replaced by the C. The A would only be a round robin shuttle late at night. There is no need for 4 service past Atlantic Avenue late night since the 3 would be running 24/7 As far as the Z to Rockaway Parkway, my proposed new Z actually was done many years ago, albeit during rush hours only. Middays, the Z would terminate at Broadway Junction. Since the G trains have to go to/from Coney Island yard anyway, why not have them in service. The R should run from Parsons, along with the new 24/7 M during weekdays. Weekends, the R should run from 57 St-7 Avenue
  9. Time to have some fun. How would you set up the service patterns for NYCT? Here are the rules: 1. You have to work within the existing physical plant. You cannot build any new lines. (i.e. no 7 to NJ, no SAS) 2. You have to work within existing track layouts. You cannot build any new switches. Here is mine! 1-no changes 2-no changes 3-148 Street to New Lots 24/7 4-Late night service terminates at Atlantic Avenue 5-Express in the Bronx in the direction of traffic middays as well as rush hours. Weekend 5 service will run to Flatbush Avenue 6-no changes. 7-no changes Grand Central Shuttle runs 24/7 A--all times except midnights 207 St to Far Rockaway or Rockaway Park. Late nights, round robin shuttle from Euclid Avenue to Far Rockaway via Rockaway Park B-no changes C-168 Street to Lefferts Blvd. 24/7. Late nights 207 Street to Lefferts Blvd. D-no changes E-179 Street to World Trade Center 24/7 F-Expresss in Queens from 179 to Queensbridge-21 Street weekdays G-Court Square to Kings Highway rush hours. Other times, Court Square to Church Avenue J-Weekdays, express Marcy Avenue to Broadway Junction in the direction of Traffic. Runs 24/7 to Broad Street L-no changes M-24/7 Metropolitan Avenue to Parsons/Archer via Queens Blvd local. N-weekdays only Astoria to Coney Island. Other times 57 St-7 Avenue to Coney Island. Q-24/7 Astoria to Coney Island. R-Weekdays Parsons/Archer to 95 Street. Evenings and weekends 57 St-7 Avenue to 95 Street Late nights 36 St-4 Avenue to 95 Street Franklin Shuttle--no changes Z-weekdays from Chambers Street to Broadway Junction. Rush hours, extended to Rockaway Parkway.
  10. What happens when a crew that is supposed to go to Dyre Avenue, instead is put on a train that goes to Nereid Avenue? And what if that rerouted crew is scheduled to make another run from Dyre? All of the crews that are scheduled to go to Nereid Avenue are finishing crews, meaning, their work day is done once that train is in the yard. Often, however, crews do not make the trips they are scheduled to make, but make a trip either earlier or later than scheduled. Been there, done that.
  11. Simpler solution. Run n/b 5 service via Track Y-3 to Dyre Avenue. trains can be switched to the local track s/o hunts Point, and can be switched back n/o Hunts Point.
  12. The R62A's are headed to the 2 line, making 7th Avenue all SMEE and Lexington Avenue all NTT's. The current 2 line fleet is being shipped to the 6. There is now only one set of R62A's on the 6.

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