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  1. I had list number 605 on that test...and I passed it up to stay at MTA BUS.... =)

  2. There are letters sent out for reinstatement of station agents from the second prefer list already that had been laid off, However the Starting Salary is at $19.64 instead of the top pay at $27.50. Did the TWU union made a deal with MTA to call back all Station Agents but at the starting rate instead of their top pay when they were laid off? Does anyone have knowledge of this and confirm this?
  3. MTA has gotten more strict on transit worker records. Has any S/A been refused reinstatement due to their bad records or failure of their urine test? Anyone know of the sensitivity of the urine test? Would a sip of beer the night be enough for failing the test?
  4. Do you have the number to Ms Shiver or HR? How can someone clarify whether its the failure from the urine test or due to their prior records that they were turned down? I know MTA has not called back some station agents for position as a cleaner after they were called in for the urine test.
  5. MTA may not be calling back Station Agents that were laid off that have a prior bad record. Any truth or confirmation in that?
  6. Anyone know whether the starting salary rate for TO is the same as for promotional?
  7. Does anyone know the current BO starting salary rate and what to expect for the next 4 years? Is the starting rate for promotion the same?
  8. The TO OC exam #2085 will not expire until Oct 4, 2010, how are they able to start the new prom list 8562 without first using the 2085?
  9. Does MTA and Dcas have a case for calling from the Prom list when the 2085 OC list is not schedule to expire until Oct 4?
  10. Any confirmation on which exam list they are taking it from?
  11. The daily news article mention "each recruit spends one week in the classroom and three weeks driving with a veteran." is this accurate? BO FAQ forums I read mention bus training as only one week. Can someone clarify?
  12. Free practice exam questions for CDL permit if someone is taking the exam. http://www.cristcdl.com/otc/
  13. Anyone have a good explanation on why they are hiring so early from the 5025 list when they still have 200 BO that they have yet to hire back? What would be the expected time frame knowing this information on when they would start the actual bus training?
  14. The letter mention for pre-interview and laboratory examination including drug and alcohol screening. It could take up to 1000 days after this test and medical test before they call you in for bus training?? They still have 200 bus drivers laid off to rehire, so this hiring was a bit unexpected. What would be the use for them to call people in this early?
  15. What's the time frame before being called in for bus training from the first day called in for paperwork? 40 people pass out of 110 seems a pretty tough odd. Do they have a quota on the percentage they need to pass or fail? Taking a CDL class before your training seems like sound advice since training is only 7 days. What other useful suggestions for not failing out?
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