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  1. I think it was damaged in an accident, but I'm guessing it has been, since I haven't seen the bus at ECH recently. (early August 2013)
  2. Great one! Is this the Coach USA Shortline bus garage? Also, it is interesting to see 3 TD925s on the way right there, though I haven't heard of them in service at all.
  3. Wonder what is causing all these D60s to come back from storage... shortage perhaps? (I apologize if I am super late in comprehending this situation) Also, I wonder if more stored D60s will come back; it's so strange to see 1300 and 4705 back, and especially 5392.
  4. Good ones. Wonder what caused that R143 to have the lights off; that must have been an interesting ride.
  5. Great ones of Orion buses (besides last two pictures )
  6. Very great ones! Though some of the pictures seem to have a dark background, the quality is very crisp and the perspectives you decided to take are really nice!
  7. I hear that replacements won't come even then doe.
  8. Great ones from Mott Haven/West Farms & much more from September 4, 2013!
  9. Does that mean 1746-1750 were relocated to a different trainset on the ?
  11. Great ones! Damn, action on the Nassau St. Line can be amazing!
  12. The HSR isn't four-tracked, but at stations there are bypass tracks and then other tracks for some trains to stop at. Speeds for 350 km/h were actually possible as early as 2005-2007, but the plan to speed up service didn't go out as expected, and the production units of the 350 km/h demo (HSR350X) were set for 300-310 km/h only.
  13. That ex-MTA C40LF was numbered 848 lol.
  14. Great ones! Interesting how they repurposed the 5800-series Orion 5s into police buses (only 5894 left to convert if I'm right).
  15. Very great ones (I see what you did with the title )!
  16. Well, they do run school cars using an R68 trainset and an R68A trainset coupled together at occasions.
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