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  1. Welcome on Subchat, Gordon, or should I say "R46 5636"

  2. Very good jgood very good

  3. Lol blue screen FIND.

    1. 4P3607


      The text was cut off :(

  4. You free from March 24-29?

  5. Hey man! I'm a fan of the Seoul Subway like you (and I'm Korean)!

  6. I'm Korean, but I lived in NJ for 13 years; I moved to Korea in August of 2011.

  7. There was some option a long time ago that allowed you to change yo title, like Knight Rider.

  8. Oh lol you're back

  9. Thanks for the link to the post; the second picture was South 4th St, because Fulton St does not have track-level hidden areas, and Roosevelt Ave has tiling and is not big.

  10. Happy birthday.

  11. Just what the Q-38 mainly says.

  12. By any chance can you make me a sign for the Q-38 that scrolls like this:

    (the first scroll)
  13. "hardus" isn't even a Latin word at all... but how's school? Mine's pretty intense. But on the bright side, Seoul's Line 1 is the SHIT!



  14. Cur scola est hardus?

  15. Isn't it weird how:

    * PA5 5741 was involved in a bumper crash.

    * 3607 and 3609 were never numbers of an NJ Transit bus.

    * 801 in Korea is a high floor bus.

    * 2755 is the oldest TTC GM "New Look" left in existence, and is still in service today.

    * 9967 in an upstate NY transit system is also an Orion 5 CNG (though it is 1 year younger than MTA NYC's 9967).




    BTW: are you done with my scrolling LED display yet?

  16. Find Redbirdfan33, he's Patrick.

  17. Yeah, sure. (for the friends message)

  18. Lol, thank for the gift.

  19. Can you make me a Q38 LED sign that scrolls like a rollsign? Watch this video for more info:

    (the first transition is the type I want)
  20. I am surprised that Casey Stengel is 3^2 years old.

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